Whats the full form of bmw

whats the full form of bmw

What is the Full Form of BMW ?

Jun 30,  · The Full form of BMW: Bayerische Motoren Werke, This name is grammatically incorrect (in German, chemical words shouldn't include spaces), which is the reason the name's grammatically correct kind Bayerische Motorenwerke (German pronunciation: [?ba?????? m??t???n?v???k?] (About this sound listen)) has been used in several books and advertisements in the past. BMW stands for B avarian M otor W orks. In German the full form of BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke. It is an automobile manufacturing company based in Munich, Germany. BMW produces luxury and sports cars as well as motorcycle.

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It also indicates BMW's original product range: engines for various applications. Gorm that time, automobiles had not yet broken through into the mainstream. If you wanted to travel long distances on land, you went by train.

Rapp Motorenwerke had its headquarters in the Bavarian whats the full form of bmw, Munich — as did fomr factory where the engines were fitted into the aircrafts, Gustav Otto Flugmaschinenfabrik.

But the end of the First World War brought a halt to the construction of aircraft engines, as the Treaty of Versailles forbade Germany from building them. So BMW shifted its focus to railway brakes and th motors. Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH as an independent company disappeared temporarily from the scene — albeit not for long. Inthe fofm investor and aircraft construction pioneer Camillo Castiglioni was the main shareholder of Knorr-Bremse AG.

He bought the BMW company name and took over engine construction operations, along with the employees, production facilities and company logo, and transferred everything to BFW, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG. It was the successor of Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, founded in We use cookies to optimise and continuously improve our website for individual users like you. You can change your settings here at any time. BMW in your country. The whahs BMW stands for driving pleasure.

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Rapp Motorenwerke becomes BMW. BMW AG. The Fuull name vanishes — for a time. BMW AG in the s. The picture shows a shift change at the Milbertshofen plant in Munich, Germany. BMW founding, take two! Production at Rapp Motorenwerke in Munich. Company founder Gustav Otto in front of one of his aircrafts. The photo shows the production of brake compressors in How to find old gamertags does BMW stand for?

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Rapp Motorenwerke becomes BMW

Bavarian Motor Works (German: Bayerische Motoren Werke, BMW) is a German company that manufactures automobiles and motorcycles. The company was founded in and headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. The circular blue and white logo . BMW is the acronym for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or in English, Bavarian Motor Works. It's an independent German company and manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. It's the world's largest premium car-maker and is the parent company of the BMW Mini, . The BMW name stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH. BMW was created in from the Munich firm Rapp-Motorenwerke. The company was incorporated into Knorr-Bremse AG in before being refounded as BMW AG in It was the successor of Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, founded in is therefore considered BMW’s founding year.

The company was founded in as a manufacturer of aircraft engines , which it produced from until and again from to In , BMW was the world's fourteenth-largest producer of motor vehicles , with 2,, vehicles produced.

The Quandt family is a long-term shareholder of the company with the remaining shares owned by public float , following brothers Herbert and Harald Quandt 's investments in which saved the company from bankruptcy. Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG was formed in Following the end of World War I, BMW remained in business by producing motorcycle engines, farm equipment, household items and railway brakes. The company produced its first motorcycle, the BMW R 32 in BMW became an automobile manufacturer in when it purchased Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach , which, at the time, built Austin Sevens under licence under the Dixi marque.

Throughout the s, BMW expanded its range into sports cars and larger luxury cars. During the war, against the wishes of its director Franz Josef Popp [ citation needed ] , BMW concentrated on aircraft engine production using forced labor consisting primarily of prisoners from concentration camps , with motorcycles as a side line and automobile manufacture ceased altogether. BMW's factories were heavily bombed during the war and its remaining West German facilities were banned from producing motor vehicles or aircraft after the war.

Again, the company survived by making pots, pans, and bicycles. In , BMW restarted motorcycle production. The range of cars was expanded in , through the production of the cheaper Isetta microcar under licence. Slow sales of luxury cars and small profit margins from microcars meant BMW was in serious financial trouble and in the company was nearly taken over by rival Daimler-Benz.

The BMW was successful and assisted in the company's recovery. Throughout the s, BMW expanded its range by adding coupe and luxury sedan models. The BMW M division released its first road car, a mid-engine supercar, in Also in , BMW introduced its first V12 engine in the i luxury sedan. The company purchased the Rover Group in , however the takeover was not successful and was causing BMW large financial losses.

The first modern mass-produced turbocharged petrol engine was introduced in , from to , BMW built units of a turbocharged M10 engine for the BMW turbo , [5] with most engines switching over to turbocharging over the s. In January , BMW announced that its sales in fell by 8. However, in the fourth quarter of , BMW witnessed a rise of 3. The terms Beemer, Bimmer and Bee-em are sometimes used as slang for BMW in the English language [11] [12] and are sometimes used interchangeably for cars and motorcycles.

The circular blue and white BMW logo or roundel evolved from the circular Rapp Motorenwerke company logo, which featured a black ring bearing the company name surrounding the company logo, [16] on a plinth a horse's head couped. BMW retained Rapp's black ring inscribed with the company name, but adopted as the central element a circular escutcheon bearing a quasi-heraldic reference to the coat of arms and flag of the Free State of Bavaria as the state of their origin was named after , being the arms of the House of Wittelsbach , Dukes and Kings of Bavaria.

The current iteration of the logo was introduced in , [20] removing 3D effects that had been used in renderings of the logo, and also removing the black outline encircling the rondel. The logo will be used on BMW's branding but will not be used on vehicles.

Their first successful motorcycle after the failed Helios and Flink, was the " R32 " in , though production originally began in Apart from their single-cylinder models basically to the same pattern , all their motorcycles used this distinctive layout until the early s. During the Second World War, BMW produced the BMW R75 motorcycle with a motor-driven sidecar attached, combined with a lockable differential , this made the vehicle very capable off-road. In , came the K Series , shaft drive but water-cooled and with either three or four cylinders mounted in a straight line from front to back.

In the early s, BMW updated the airhead Boxer engine which became known as the oilhead. In , the oilhead engine had two spark plugs per cylinder.

In it added a built-in balance shaft, an increased capacity to cc and enhanced performance to 75 kW hp for the RGS , compared to 63 kW 84 hp of the previous RGS.

More powerful variants of the oilhead engines are available in the RS and RS, producing 73 and 91 kW 98 and hp , respectively. It had an engine producing kW hp , derived from the company's work with the Williams F1 team, and is lighter than previous K models. Innovations include electronically adjustable front and rear suspension, and a Hossack-type front fork that BMW calls Duolever. BMW introduced anti-lock brakes on production motorcycles starting in the late s.

The generation of anti-lock brakes available on the and later BMW motorcycles paved the way for the introduction of electronic stability control , or anti-skid technology later in the model year. BMW has been an innovator in motorcycle suspension design, taking up telescopic front suspension long before most other manufacturers.

Then they switched to an Earles fork , front suspension by swinging fork to Most modern BMWs are truly rear swingarm, single sided at the back compare with the regular swinging fork usually, and wrongly, called swinging arm.

Some BMWs started using yet another trademark front suspension design, the Telelever, in the early s. Like the Earles fork, the Telelever significantly reduces dive under braking. The current model line of the Z Series two-door roadsters is the Z4 model code G All-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles are sold under the BMW i sub-brand. The current model range consists of:. In addition, several plug-in hybrid models built on existing platforms have been marketed as iPerformance models.

Examples include the xe using a 1. It was designed by Karl Schwanzer and was completed in The building has become a European icon [44] and was declared a protected historic building in The main tower consists of four vertical cylinders standing next to and across from each other.

Each cylinder is divided horizontally in its center by a mold in the facade. Notably, these cylinders do not stand on the ground; they are suspended on a central support tower.

BMW Museum is a futuristic cauldron-shaped building, which was also designed by Karl Schwanzer and opened in It includes a showroom and lifting platforms where a customer's new car is theatrically unveiled to the customer. In , a ninth film in the series was released. It consisted of seven concerts by jazz musician Mike Phillips, and screenings of films by black filmmakers.

BMW was the principal sponsor of the The Art of the Motorcycle exhibition at various Guggenheim museums , though the financial relationship between BMW and the Guggenheim Foundation was criticised in many quarters. In , BMW began sponsoring Independent Collectors production of the BMW Art Guide , which is the first global guide to private and publicly accessible collections of contemporary art worldwide. In , these facilities were shut down for the period from March 23 to April 17 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The BMW group including Mini and Rolls-Royce produced 1,, automobiles in and then 1,, automobiles in Annual production since , according to BMW's annual reports: [60].

In , BMW recalled , diesel vehicles in South Korea with a defective exhaust gas recirculation module, which caused 39 engine fires. The recall was then expanded to , more cars in Europe. BMW is a charter member of the U. It was also the first company in the automotive industry to appoint an environmental officer, in To reduce vehicle emissions, BMW is improving the efficiency of existing fossil-fuel powered models, while researching electric power, hybrid power and hydrogen for future models.

By December , [] DriveNow operated over 1, vehicles, in five cities and with approximately 60, customers. The ReachNow car-sharing service was launched in Seattle in April The plant, to be built near Debrecen , will have a production capacity of , cars a year. The plant will employ 1, people, and produce , cars annually. BMW initially bought shares in the company, before fully acquiring it in ; in so doing, the company became BMW South Africa , the first wholly owned subsidiary of BMW to be established outside Germany.

Following the end of apartheid in , and the lowering of import tariffs, BMW South Africa ended local production of the 5 Series and 7 Series, in order to concentrate on production of the 3 Series for the export market. BMW cars have been officially sold in the United States since [] and manufactured in the United States since The manufacturing plant in Greer, South Carolina has the highest production of the BMW plants worldwide, [] currently producing approximately 1, vehicles per day.

BMW India was established in as a sales subsidiary with a head office located in Gurugram. Russian-market 3 Series and 5 Series cars are assembled from complete knock-down components in Kaliningrad beginning in BMW's first dealership in Canada, located in Ottawa , was opened in BMW sold 28, vehicles in Canada in BMW sold vehicles in the Philippines in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

German automotive brand, manufacturer, and conglomerate. This article is about the German motor vehicle manufacturer. For other uses, see BMW disambiguation.

Traded as. Cars motorcycles. Operating income. Net income. Main article: History of BMW. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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