Whats going on in that beautiful mind

whats going on in that beautiful mind

How Realistic Is 'A Beautiful Mind'?

What's goin' on in that beautiful mind? I'm on your magical mystery ride And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me But I'll be alright My head's under water, but I'm breathing fine You're crazy and I'm out of my mind 'Cause all of me Loves all of you Love your curves and all your edges All your perfect imperfections Give your all to me I'll give my all to you. Apr 03,  · This is Laura, the love of my life, and was my best friend, and for me I felt my soulmate. She is, and will always be my Muse, and for those who don't know w.

Based on practical self improvement principles. From the insight of an engineer, back inabout the data processing structure of the human mind, recognizing and filtering patterns, without stopping.

Storing patterns of data. Of guilt, shame, fear. About silencing painful subconscious patterns, becoming self aware, strengthening common sense. Mind Control Tips Can. The psychology in A Beautiful Mind the movie provides a valuable lesson for the practice of self awareness by ordinary people. Artistically differing from the actual events, it is a film, which convincingly uses the visual medium to portray stress and mental illness within one person's mind.

The storyline supplants auditory symptoms with visual delusions to narrate the story of the paranoid schizophrenia developed by John Forbes Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics. It was an illness, which had been intensified by the anxiety felt by Nash, about the pain suffered by his wife and friends due to his mental condition. Even as he took medication to suppress the symptoms, Nash is shown returning to normal life by becoming self aware.

The visually presented psychological symptoms in the movie effectively convey the barriers to distinguishing subconscious patterns within the mind. I am not a physician, but an engineer. That insight is central to the six unique new premises presented in this website.

These new premises could explain an enigma. A physician is aware of thousands of diseases and their related symptoms. How does he note a symptom and focus on a single disease in less than half a second? How could he identify Disease X out of diseases with just a glance? The perceptions, sensations, feelings and physical activities of the doctor could only be enabled by the electrical impulses flowing through the axons of those neurons.

The data enabling that process could be stored as digital combinations. Secondcombinatorial decisions of neurons cannot be made by any entity other than the axon hillock, which decides the axonal output of each neuron.

The hillock receives hundreds of inputs from other neurons. Each hillock makes the pivotal neuronal decision about received inputs within 5 milliseconds. A xon hillocks could be storing digital combinations. It how do doctors check for herpes be adding each new incoming digital combination what is the best way to wash a down comforter its memory store.

The hillock could fire impulses, if it matched a stored combination. If not, it could inhibit further impulses.

Using stored digital data to make decisions about incoming messages could make the axon hillocks intelligent. Thirdcombinations are reported to enable a powerful coding mode for axon hillocks.

Olfactory combinatorial data is known Nobel Prize to store memories for millions of smells. Each one of billion axon hillocks have around a links to other neurons.

The hillocks can mathematically store more combinations than there are stars in the sky. Each new digital combination could be adding a new relationship link. Fourthinstant communication is possible in the nervous system. Within five steps, information in one hillock can reach all other relevant neurons. Just 20 Ms for global awareness. This could be enabling axon hillocks to identify Disease X out of in milliseconds. W orldwide interest in this website is acknowledging its rationale. Not metaphysical theories, but processing of digital memories in axon hillocks could be explaining innumerable mysteries of the mind.

Over three decades, this website has been assembling more and more evidence of the manipulation of emotional and physical behaviors by narrowly focused digital pattern recognition. It has also been receiving over 2 million page views from over countries. The primary problem for Nash was his inability to distinguish between reality and his delusions.

Even normal people fail to distinguish the concrete emotional changes in their viewpoints during the course of an average day. You may be fuming with resentment one moment and joyful, the next. These hidden shifts in moods and attitudes have a clear cause.

They happen, because the control of your mind shifts between myriad competing and conflicting intelligences. These intelligences were assembled over millions of years to become the present triune human brain. At the lowest level, a reptilian brain controls primitive functions like breathing, hunger and heartbeat. At the next level, a mammalian brain controls the system through love and despair, compassion and shame. At the highest level exists PFRwise human level prefrontal brain. These subconscious intelligences offer competing strategies for your life.

Unfortunately, your mind switches controls between these entities without your conscious permission. In the case of Nash, he suffered more because the vibrant delusions generated by his emotions took frequent control of his system. During his delusional periods, Nash saw an imaginary room mate, Charles. The movie audience shares the delusion of Nash. Charles is shown as a real person, who greets him on checking into his hostel room when joining college. Nash did not consciously create his delusion.

Actually, it began in his mind milliseconds before Nash actually saw Charles. Benjamin Libet discovered this time interval between conscious awareness and the beginning of brain activity.

He studied subjects who voluntarily pressed a button, while noting the position of a dot on a computer screen, which shifted its position every 43 milliseconds. The noted moment of depressing the button was the moment of conscious awareness; the exact instant the subject thought the button was pressed.

Each time, Libet had also timed the beginning of motor neuron activity in the brains of his subjects. Nash was merely a witness to how to get cymbidium orchids to flower again events occurring in his mind.

If Nash was to heal himself, his PFR had to understand that a delusional state of mind had already taken control. Nash's delusions had a complex character of their own. His imaginary room mate, Charles, also had a niece, a little girl named Marcie.

William Parcher, a DoD official, was another imaginary figure. Parcher assigned Nash to look for patterns in magazines and newspapers, in order to prevent a Soviet plot. Nash spent hours in pointless research and deposited his "top secret" reports in a secret mailbox.

The first conflict between reality and delusions occurred when What was missing episode adventure time, his wife, confronted him with his documents, unopened, which she had retrieved from the mailbox.

The evidence how to calculate amplifier gain Nash realize that he was hallucinating. Up to that time, his PFR accepted these delusions to be truth, because they were convincingly presented.

Negative emotions use the vast power of your mind to how to raise money for nonprofit group their objectives. They can convincingly distort the truth without your awareness. The primary objective of, say, anger is to destroy opponents. The emotion is designed by nature to make you fight more fiercely. Without your conscious permission, anger will initiate past behaviors, which fueled your resentment.

It will impel you to provoke your opponents so that their increased hostility intensifies your anger. Just like the delusions suffered by Nash, your responses to anger will not be rational behaviors. Emotional intelligences will present you with powerful arguments to support their objectives.

Self awareness is the process of discovering the damning evidence, which proves to your PFR that your behavior is not rational. It is the skill of consciously identifying your emotional outbursts. You can gradually become familiar with the irrational viewpoints of each of the negative intelligences, which operate within your mind.

The delusions of Nash were triggered by his negative feelings. Emotions have the capacity to restrict your access to your memories. An intuitive process within your nervous system operates by eliminating alternative possibilities.

An animal cannot afford to remain frozen between one decision to drink water and another to eat grass. If a decision to drink is taken, the system instantly inhibits its hunger demands. So also, fear inhibits its option to stay back and fight. The animal's intuition recalls memories of escape routes, while suppressing memories of previous successes. Its mind provides memories in context to enable it to cope with its immediate tasks. Hidden emotions forcibly redirect your mind without your awareness.

Whats going on in that beautiful mind anger, your working memory also tends to decrease, making you lose sight of the immediate past. In the case of Nash, the delusions inhibited all those real life viewpoints, which should have been obvious to a brilliant scientist.

For the treatment of his problems, Nash was subjected to a series of how to overclock cpu on vista shock therapy sessions. He was released on condition that he would take antipsychotic medication.

But, the drugs seriously affected both what date was easter on in 2007 family and academic life.

Because of the new problems, Nash secretly stopped taking his medication, triggering a relapse of his psychosis. His condition became worse and, unintentionally, he harmed his wife Alicia and his baby.

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John Legend - All of Me clip with quote What's going on in that beautiful mind Yarn is the best search for video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect clip. Dec 08,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Jan 06,  · At age 31, he develops schizophrenia and suffers a mental breakdown. Because of his hallucinations and bizarre behavior, Nash is eventually placed on anti-psychotic drugs. But in the film, he stops taking the drugs after finding that they dull his senses, emotions and sex drive. Instead, he gets a handle on the disease through sheer force of will.

Based on the novel of the same name by Sylvia Nasar and produced in , the film was a great success which won four Oscars and countless followers. Starring Russell Crowe , the movie offers its audience a wonderful message in a simple way that invites us to look for ways to overcome our limitations, whatever they may be.

John Nash was 30 years old when doctors diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia. It was a tremendous illness that had severe effects on him. He was a brilliant, outstanding, promising individual when it happened. However, nothing stopped him from chasing his dreams. After years of subjecting himself to cruel treatments to try to overcome his mental illness, John Nash managed to keep his symptoms at bay.

He learned to live with with his hallucinations. John heard voices, and saw things…but he could handle them. Of course, he had to fight through the end of his days. It is very complicated to live without being able to discern what is real and what is not. Nash won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in for his game theory , which even now continues to be valid and useful in the strategic field. John fought his illness his whole life. And, yes, he won.

He managed to lead a life completely different from what his illness dictated. His death, just as his life, was unexpected. On May 23, , Nash passed away along with his wife in a traffic accident. John held on to his intelligence and coexisted with the voices in his head despite their efforts to stifle him. His struggle was far from easy.

However, he came to understand that the true path in his life lay in acceptance. And it showed. Inspiration struck. He managed to create his own stable world in a constantly changing scene.

And, what was at first a battle, ended up being a home to him in his development. Despite his limitations, Nash earned a position as a professor at MIT and was able to share the brilliance that his mental illness had once tried to stifle. John Forbes Nash, Jr. To live knowing that a large part of our pain is inevitable should be a premise we all follow. Undoubtedly, John gave us the key to enjoying life: accept, flow, and act. Sometimes, what someone needs is not a brilliant mind to speak but a patient heart to listen.

The investigative journalist Robert Whitaker found that, for a long time, Western Lapland in Finland had the highest rates of schizophrenia in the population.

To give you an idea, about 70, people live there, and throughout the s and early 80s, there were 25 or more new cases of schizophrenia there each year — that is double or, in some cases, triple the amount in the rest of Finland or Europe. At that time, there were very few psychiatrists that believed in the possibility of psychotherapy as a treatment for psychosis. However, Alanen thought the hallucinations and paranoid delusions associated with patients with schizophrenic tendencies showed meaningful stories when analyzed carefully.

So, they started working on the task of listening to patients and their families. For example, some patients needed to be hospitalized while others did not. Moreover, there would be patients that benefited from low doses of psychiatric drugs e. So, as we can see, they personalized and worked with each case as its own unique entity , becoming more and more aware of the needs of each patient and their families.

Of course, they made decisions on treatment jointly, valuing a diversity of opinions. Therapy sessions did not revolve around the reduction of psychotic symptoms , but instead centered on the past successes and achievements of the patient to try and strengthen their control over their life.

Spending on psychiatric services in the region has massively been reduced and, at present, is the sector with the lowest amount of spending on mental health in all of Finland. Twenty five new cases annually has become only two or three new cases. So it is clear is that things can be done differently. There is another kind of treatment for those with schizophrenia or any other psychosis that guarantees a different life than what is expected for them. So remember: there are always better ways of doing things.

But if we as a society are sick, we will never come to see that there is a wonderful light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. Which do you think makes you happier: time or money? The legacy of Erich Fromm's phrases about love continues to inspire us today. Because, when it comes down to it,…. Do you ever wonder how freedom will end? Current times are tough and uncertain and we're all in the midst….

He was 75 years old and had been fighting against…. I can be an explorer, a vampire, an elephant, a gazelle, a doll, a mountain or a star. As I…. In , one of the most recognized graphic novel writers of recent years, Mark Millar, created Superman: Red Son. Search articles, news, diseases Home » Literature and Psychology. Link copied! Interesting Articles. Literature and Psychology.

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