What you want mp3 evanescence

what you want mp3 evanescence

What You Want

Another Evanescence song for me to be inlove with. TZ Comment by Bilal Umer Ansari. I am everything that you can't control. want. TZ Comment by Dace Poga. caw. TZ Comment by Doha Abu El-yazied. The What You Want Songfacts reports that Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee penned the song at her house in New York with bassist Tim McCord and guitarist Terry Balsamo. She told MTV News: "We were just jamming, like, recording demos, and obviously the song has grown a lot since then, with everyone else. For me, it was and I need to remember.

How to ripen peaches from the store vocalist Amy Lee met Ben Moody ex-guitarist of Evanescence in the summer camp and they decided to create a band.

That idea was definitely a good one: by the musicians already had two mini-albums and some of their songs were broadcasted by the local radio. In David Hodges joined the band.

Soon after that Evanescence signed to the label Bigwig Enterprises and recorded the very first album Origin. The rockers sold the copies during their shows, but Origin was not commercially successful. However that record became quite called-for after Evanescence gained the popularity. The band kept on performing and once the musicians were noticed by the major record companies.

Thereby in Evanescence signed the contract with Wind-Up Records and started to work on the material for their first official album. The debut studio record titled Fallen was released in and it turned out to be a very strong album with recognizable sound.

The same year the band released their first concert album Anywhere But Homewhich managed to preserve to authentic sound of Evanescence live performances. In Ben Moody, one of the founders of Evanescence, quitted the band.

Numerous fans were worried about the future of the group; however the time showed what you want mp3 evanescence Evanescence was absolutely capable of keeping on creating amazing music. The second studio work titled The Open Door was released in and it debuted at the top of the charts. The Open Door was certified Platinum only after a month since the official release took place.

That album also included such international hits as Sweet Sacrifice and Lithium. The Open Door turned out to be the record of the highest quality, very solid and fair, which is proved by the fact that more than five million copies of that how to level a motorhome without jacks were sold worldwide.

Main menu:. Studio Albums The Bitter Truth Synthesis Evanescence Deluxe Edition. The event, which simply cannot be ignored, happened on the world musical stage in American rockers Evanescence released their new eponymous album that had been expected by fans so much. The Open Door. Filled with a wide spectrum of emotions from fear to happiness, The Open Door gives the feeling of unlimited freedom in Amy Lee's vocals, and proves that Evanescence can continue creating gorgeous music despite any changes within the group.

Fallen Origin Singles The Game Is Over Together Again Everybody's Fool Bring Me to Life Evanescence Compilation albums Le Nouveau Gothique Fallen Angel Not for Your Ears Ultra Rare Trax Vol.

I Lives Synthesis Live Anywhere But Home Live In Cologne, Germany

Studio Albums

mp3: 1. What You Want: buy tracks. to basket. Whole album purchase discount 10% Buy album for Related albums: What You Want () Evanescence What You Want (Single): Reviews. No reviews for this album. Create review for What You Want (Single) Your name: Review Title: Rate: Review text: Submit. Discover, buy and download high quality mp3 music of What You Want by Evanescence at Mp3Caprice. ????: alldatingloveen.com ????????: alldatingloveen.com

It was released as the lead single from the band's third eponymous album on August 9, through Wind-up Records. Lee described "What You Want" as a departure from the band's previous sound and said she was inspired to write the song by several experiences she had with her fans. Musically "What You Want" contains a variety of musical elements and it uses drums , guitars , synthesizers and a piano. Lyrically, the song has a theme of freedom.

Upon its release, "What You Want" received positive reviews from music critics who praised its instrumentation, Lee's vocals and the song's musical hook ; several of them listed it as an album highlight. The song peaked at number 68 on the US Billboard Hot and achieved higher success in its component charts.

It also peaked at number 55 on the Canadian Hot , topped the UK Rock Chart and appeared in eight charts in different countries. It shows the band performing the song live in a small warehouse and Lee running in various locations. The video received positive response from critics who generally praised the imagery.

It was added to the set list of the band's third world tour, Evanescence Tour It's got a cool meaning, a lot of great lyrics going on, it also just smacks you right in the face and it's heavy and it's great.

Lee stated the song was inspired by and talked about her relationship with the band's fans, and the realization that following a music career "is what I'm supposed to do". She also explained that the theme of the song was freedom, saying that the song's lyric "Remember who you really are" was "exactly everything you could assume it means".

Sometimes, it takes a lot to do this. And I do love it very much, but there is always that fear of putting yourself under the microscope. Speaking about the sound, Lee described "What You Want" as "very danceable" and her own vocals as "fun and snappy and it gives a cool dynamic [to the song]". She said that initially the song was conceived while the band was just recording demo, but as time passed it progressed and grew into something more. Lee revealed that she was initially embarrassed when she came up with the lyrics and the melody of the song as she thought the members of her band would think she was Janet Jackson due to the usage of a hook.

On August 22, Lee went to Toronto 's Liberty Studios , to preview 5 mastered songs from Evanescence to a selected crowd of thirty people. Fans who identified an Evanescence song using the SoundTracking application and shared it to Twitter , using the hashtag Evcomeback, entered themselves to win an album from the band.

The song was well received by the band's fans. According to the fans ' tweets, the new songs were well received and praised. Several critics interpreted the song's lyrics during their reviews. Its theme was noted to be about freedom. Scott Shetler of Pop Crush described the song as a "forceful rock track that reminds fans why the group was one of the most successful crossover acts of the past decade" and praised Lee's "strong-but-pretty vocals".

Still, she's nearly overrun by the music, a collision of two-ton guitars, strings and piano. Club wrote: "Lee really can sing, and the opener 'What You Want' shows she has the pipes and even the submerged spunk to become the new Pat Benatar this generation desperately needs.

Florino further called the song "another classic from Evanescence" which will "revive rock music again" and concluded:. At the heart of this epic, Lee relays another personal story that impacts intensely, especially as the song breaks during the bridge and her voice takes flight like never before.

Lyrics like 'Somewhere beyond the pain there must be a way to believe' sear and soar, as Lee continues to hypnotize like no other singer in rock or pop for that matter. While reviewing Evanescence as a whole, Catucci of Rolling Stone called the song "pummeling but pretty. Robert Copsey of Digital Spy described the song as a "hefty slab of dramatic rock which includes the band's trademark electric guitars with melodic choruses".

Hirsh went on to call the song a "strong declaration" announcing the band's comeback. On the chart issue dated August 20, , "What You Want" debuted at number 68 on the Billboard Hot chart, selling more than 78, copies according to SoundScan. Later, during the digital release of Evanescence , it moved from number 15 to number It charted for three weeks and left the chart on October 2, We've done a lot in the past that [were] very 'fantasy,' and this is sort of the real us. Obviously, I'm wearing crazy makeup, and that's not my everyday, but, you know, I want We all do.

We miss them. A lot of this record is about them, and that's why they're going to be here and be in it, too. This club [set] is emulating old shows we used to play in the beginning we used to play this club called Vino's in Little Rock [Arkansas] it's sort of like back then, the gritty, dirty club, sweaty.

And basically, it's also [about] New York, where I've been, [and] where [bassist] Tim [McCord] lived in the past few years since we've been gone.

And it's sort of about escaping New York and. However, before the filming of the video, the band was still finishing the album and when the time to shoot the video came, Lee didn't conceive an idea about how it should look like. As she felt the song was different for the band, Lee knew that they didn't want to "go the classic, sort of fantastic, epic [thing].

Her sister said that they should film the video for the song in New York and Lee agreed with her idea, "She just started saying things that were right on. She was like, 'This should be in New York. You guys need to do something different, this song feels different. The shot represented the band coming back in the world and "heading into the unknown, coming into a new world".

The video begins with shots of several skyscrapers in New York, which are followed by scenes of the band performing in a warehouse that has been converted into a stage similar to Vino's bar which is where the band used to regularly perform before they became popular [58].

The crowd at the concert is seen singing along with the band. The video continually cuts the singer walking through Brooklyn in a dark dress and makeup. She walks through a train station, streets and the Brooklyn Bridge. During the bridge of the song, Lee runs through the Brooklyn Bridge and jumps on the other side, landing on her feet. At the end of the video, the band meet up and walk to the beach where they walk into the sea.

The final shot shows the band walking in the sea as the video fades out. A twenty-two second teaser of the video was released on September 9, The video for the song officially premiered online on September 13, [60] and it was made available for digital download on the iTunes Store the same day. She further praised the lighting, the photographs and the mood which according to her, were "perfection, especially the city scapes at night and the intense looks on the fans faces, as they are enraptured by Lee.

It's a big budget shoot, the kind we don't see that much of anymore. They later added the song to the set list on their third worldwide tour in support of Evanescence , titled Evanescence Tour. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can't control all the crazy stuff that happens to you. All you can control is the way you handle it. Archived from the original on November 2, Retrieved October 16, MTV News.

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