What sells really good on ebay

what sells really good on ebay

7 Tips to Making a Living on eBay

13 rows Jun 20, With all of the above said The top selling items on eBay are, are not necessarily the best path. A lot of people may think that the best way to really sell on eBay is to look at what's most popular then jump on the bandwagon. The truth, according to those who have successfully been retailing on eBay, is that this isn't always the way to go. For those who want some tips on being good eBay sellers, here are a few. Clean Out Your House.

This post has quickly become our most popular on the CrazyLister blog, providing sellers with actionable insights to decide what to sell on eBay. A friend and a colleague of ours Elad Darmon, Co-Founder of Title-Builderanalyzed more than million how to get a boat on gta vice city on eBay to answer some profound questions like:. And have a deep impact on what, where and how you should sell on eBay. You can find the full infographic here.

Here is what the numbers say . What can you learn from this? It may be a surprise from the first glance, but eBay US is by far the most crowded of all, it has the largest amount of active listings and the largest competition thus the lower overall sell through rate!

Germany what sells really good on ebay strict customs regulations, and you need some translations done but we were selling car GPS devices to Germany like crazy. Great customers, great attitude, a lot of free income it was always one of the best performing markets for us. Come to think of it, it makes a lot of sense. The demand for life saving drugs and appliances is firm and people will naturally pay any price to stay alive!

Here are the various eBay sites, and how many sales were generated on each of them during a 30 days period. This probably means that there are a lot of categories on eBay UK that have high demand with low supply.

Did you know that the first ever item to sell on eBay was a used, broken laser pointer:. To test his idea, he came up with an auction website, where he listed a broken laser pointer that he was going to throw away. As opposed to Amazon eBay is how to make mexican strawberries and cream marketplace that purely connects sellers with buyers, so there is a lot of room for used items on eBay!

With all of the above said The top selling items on eBay are, are not necessarily the best path to go when building your eBay business. There is a big difference between top selling items on eBay and the best things to sell on eBay which we covered as well in a separate post. Top selling items - Electronics. Top selling items - Fashion. Top selling items - Collectibles.

Top selling items - Lifestyle. Top selling items - Media. Which item condition sells more on eBay: New or Used?

How many items were sold in the last 30 days on eBay? On which eBay Marketplace should you sell your item? Where do you think listings have the best sell through rate? Here is what the numbers say What can you learn from this? You would never ever guess which category is the highest converting! What categories have the highest average price for sold items? Naturally, there is much more room for profit margins where the prices are higher.

How many items sold on eBay in 30 days? What is the average price for a sold item per eBay site? Now this is very insightful! What sells better New or Used items? Did you know that the first ever item to sell on eBay was a used, broken laser pointer: first item to sell on ebay was a broken laser pen. He loves eCommerce and skiing. Total Sold count. Total revenue USD. Item description how to take care of a peace plant. Filled Item specifics fields.

Item description word count. Text and visuals. Bluetooth 5. Funko Pocket Pop! Samsonite Pivot Spinner Luggage. Spotify Premium Account Lifetime warranty Fast shipping.

What to Sell on eBay

Dec 17, The key to successful selling on eBay is to select items that people really want, that mass sellers dont already target. Lets say that you noticed unicorn items are a current trend and so you want to open the magical unicorn store, a store where unicorn lovers can . Do you want to start a craft business but you need ideas? If YES, here are 50 most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell fast on EBay or flea markets. Woodworking can be a very good way to earn some side income for yourself as a student, stay-at-home mom or dad, or an unemployed graduate. Weird Stuff. Most people who are into weird stuff odd art, strange cards, and bizarre accessories have a wide range of interests. Thankfully, the world of weird stuff is almost endless.

I remember a time on eBay when you could list SIF Shop Inventory Format, defunct for over a decade for 3p insertion fee and final value fees were 5. I went with a friend this weekend to pick up a second hand dishwasher she just purchased.

Bought it on Facebook. My neighbour just sold a caravan. Sold it on Facebook. Want something tomorrow? Buy it on Amazon. Increasingly eBay are missing out on consumer to consumer sales and at the same time also missing out when a buyer wants speed and convenience. For eBay to be relevant it has to once again become the default place for buyers to start their search for pretty much anything.

The problem with this is that eBay need to have some fresh ideas. Whilst Amazon obsessed about shipping and Facebook obsessed about local sales eBay never got into managing shipping and offering convenience and indeed allowed Chinese sellers with crappy shipping to flood the marketplace and with a focus on new fixed price products lost their unique knack of connecting consumers with something to sell with consumers who wanted to buy.

There are two things worth remembering about eBay. Here in the UK we get the distinct impression that eBay is performing better than their worldwide results. Second that even in the dire straits eBay find themselves today, they still generate a pot full of cash and if they could only keep investors off their back and find a way to invest it to generate double digit growth, just about everyone sellers, buyers and investors would be a whole heap happier.

On the flip side, if eBay fail to perform in a very short space of time, the marketplace could easily find itself sold to the highest bidder. The sad fact about the failing of ebay is that most of the answers have been shouted at them for years. Loyal, long term, decent sellers leaving in droves while ebay shirps about an influx of what appear to be just chinese sellers with 50 accounts each.

A search engine that is, well.. Can i search for next day, even 2 days delivery? Amazon for that. A system where the page setup you see completely relies on which link you hit Same info, completely different setup, as devs tinker with new designs.

All very unprofessional and confusing. Strange changes that seem to have no point to them look at dispatching stuff, suddenly we can only mark 50 items at a time as dispatched? If i have sales that day, why should I have to do 50 ata time, yet feedback i can do . I will skip over fraud and c. In fact, i will leave it there We all know the stories, we have all experienced the glitches, lack of communication and the general woes.

Just mention ebay down the pub not long before the warnings and experiences come out and few are ever good. Yet somehow, with all this going on, voiced in public, voiced in all the ebay forums and web communities, in the news papers and on the news.. Ebay instead decide to listen to this mysterious groupm of buyers that tell them this is what they want well it must be because they tell us they have listened to them and this is what they wanted.

Just counting down the months now until we abandon ebay and continue our expansion onto the many other commerce sites now available. You have orders a day and manually mark them as dispatched? Yep, as far as I am concerned eBay is broken. But now eBay want to focus on new items, the collectables market is on its knees.

As a seller i now have to start my auctions or buy it nows at a price I can accept, as there is rarely any competitive bidding and best offer just does not work seemingly. Items sell at maiden bid now, or if a 2nd bid comes it the price goes up one increment, the original bidder having gone in with no margins.

I am just about to call in a clearance firm to take away my stock and sell at a general auction, a financial hit I will have to take. And as for this Good Til Cancelled of fixed price listings what a crock that is. I have given up trying to sell the oop collectable model aircraft, watchers, watchers and watchers but no bids.

I just wish there was a way to talk to eBay, to explain to them what is wrong with their policies. I am sure we all have lots of ideas to improve things, but will they listen in time.

Sadly not for me. What platform is worth using please for small stuff? Amazon charge 75 p plus percentage of sale. Thank you. Kim despite the impressions that this thread might give ebay should be your number 1 choice for getting maximum return for what you are describing.

They have never listened to sellers, happy and therefore complicite in buyer fraud , with zero monitoring or reporting facilities, or even allowing sellers to even state simple facts like claimed non-receipt demanded a refund straight away, rather then re-sending an item ,. Allowed the site to flooded by dropper shippers, delivering goods from Amazon, in Amazon packaging clearly highlighting to any customer unfortunately enough buy via a drop shipper, that they purchase would have been cheaper if they started on they search on Amazon and not ebay.

Its a dinosaur, dying a slow death. In ten years time it have been brought and sold by another venture capital probably having around gone through the hands of 2 or 3 others VC firms prior to that , claiming they will reboot it Ebay version 6.

It has been run by greedy shortsighted YES people for far to long, with no fresh ideas, no innovation, just more stupid metrics which are a total sham and fees fees fees. Fakes goods and seller misrepresentation have sky-rocketed because the can get away with it. Lots of bad buying experiences. Private sellers cannot sell anything so DO not even bother switching onto eBay where they might buy something. Honest my mates all use Facebook and buy on Amazon. Since it has been a complete disaster for myself, and complete race to the bottom, sales are not the issue it is the HUGE fees are eating up all the margins.

We used to be 24 hour fast free right up to 4pm. Now we are 48 hour with 1 day dispatch. It is just not worth the time and we need to try and keep our margin up. The amount of merchants we see come and go also BOOM and Bust chasing pennies is unreal, 2 year lifecycle. They say sell a mobile on ebay and get a lot morein comparison to other places.

Oh then ebay buyer says it was cracked and returns an item you did not send then ebay side with them and your huge sale is now zero and no phone. Then on top of that we have a spate of buyers not reading listings and then saying the item is not as described to be able to return for free at our expense.

They get us to fill in a form and attach the invoice that ebay have charged. Then just totally ignore it and never refund the shipping.

All they are interested in is grabbing more fees. They are just abysmal at defending sellers making eBay one of the most unsecure selling platforms. Keep up the good work eBay of steering our customers to a more profitable outlet of ours.

I found that one to be a particularly stupid marketing ploy by ebay. When I look at the type of low-quality products I am competing with, Makes me want to use eBay even less. I actually like to buy decent quality products, which are well branded and presented even if it means paying more, as ultimately this satisfies me more than the cheapest crud which dominates eBay.

There are plenty of other market places that can fill the gap of crud, better than eBay. With all the fakes I find myself buying more and more from manufacturers websites. My Daughter purchased an item from Basildon Essex so it said 7 days delivery to Suffolk 60 miles away lol , checked listing and VAT number was for a Health shop in Abingdon, Finally got the item with customs form on from China with returns address to a warehouse beside Heathrow Airport!

They would only care about their reputation if they got called out about it in a petition signed or online by every single person who felt this way. And in the sellers market place there must be thousands. One voice alone is not enough to complain to a company employee who is paid peanuts probably, has a manager breathing down their neck to answer chat and phone calls within seconds etc.

So they are stuck in the same boat really as the customer. Only winners are the CEO or Directors. They seem untouchable, like Amazon and Facebook. Surely someone out there can tell them? Why would you risk your company collapsing after such effort at the beginning? I used to love Ebay in the beginning. Once I tried to buy something but needed to purchase from legit vat business it was company expense.

What a joy. I spent 10 mins checking businesses and not buying anything. Poor eBay. Now I only buy stationery there and still checking out the businesses details. Ebay: Start with a normal customer service by email or chat instead of letting a questioner circling around automic generated answers, which do not answer the question at all. Also the listing of an item is pain in the ass because of all the boxes that have to be filled in.

The fees on the postage costs is a shame. The promotional listings is setting the sellers up to each other. Also, since this started, sales have plummeted to all time low. The amount of orders I cancel due to customers not providing anything as there is no proper way for them to do it is staggering.

I used to sell custom printed items on eBay, I had a custom uploads page linked into the eBay listing and it worked a treat, until eBay blocked it! However, eBay is just not the right place to be selling anything custom made as they do not honour the law in the UK by allowing customers to force returns for non-returnable items.

I closed my eBay account that day. It is too risky if a customer buys some printed promotional goods from me, uses them then sends them back for a full refund. That happened and eBay helped the customer to rip me off! We The People must take a stand against the eBay platform for refusing to force sellers to follow their rules.

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