What is the price of a new rolex submariner

what is the price of a new rolex submariner

Price Guide: How Much Is a Rolex Submariner?

Rolex Submariner Full yellow gold LN: И31,; Rolex Submariner full yellow gold LB: И31,; Rolex Submariner Two-tone LN: И12,; Rolex Submariner two-tone LB: И12,; Updated Submariner retail price Rolex announced a worldwide price increase in and thus new retail prices apply. This will allow you to compare the price differences from the previous retail price and the new retail price. May 01, †Ј The price of the Rolex Submariner was pretty much blown out of the water. The 18k gold Submariner that went for a couple of grand in the s was now priced at $10, Ц or $26, today, adjusting for inflation. The newly-introduced two-tone stainless steel and yellow gold Rolex Submariner was priced at $2, (roughly $7, today).

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Best prices for new Rolex Submariner. Over , watches. Unique variety of watches on Chronocom.

Born as a tool watch for SCUBA divers in , the Submariner has evolved over the decades into a luxury sports watch with immense popularity that goes well beyond the original niche audience. So, how much is a Rolex Submariner? Welcome to our comprehensive Rolex Submariner price guide, which includes pricing data about current-production watches, discontinued models, and vintage references.

The original Rolex Submariner design did not include a date complication. In early, Rolex increased the prices of its watches across the board. Even the Submariner collection, which has not welcomed any new models since , underwent a price hike. So how much is the Rolex Submariner in ? Rolex currently manufactures three stainless steel Submariner models: the Submariner ref.

As a result, the no-date Submariner ref. The green Submariner is more expensive than the black one Ч particularly on the secondary market. This is because the demand for stainless steel Submariners far outpaces the supply available. The classic stainless steel Rolex Submariner has a black dial and a black bezel. Rolex also makes three versions of the gold Submariner: the Submariner ref.

While all of these are all Submariner Date versions with 18k gold 40mm Oyster cases, 18k gold Oyster bracelets, and Cerachrom ceramic bezel inserts with 18k gold-filled markings, the first two references are fashioned from yellow gold while the latter is in white gold. However, the white gold Submariner is more expensive than the yellow gold version. Yellow gold Rolex Submariner watches are available with either blue or black dials. Officially known as the Yellow Rolesor Submariner Yellow Rolesor is the name Rolex gives to its watches that combines yellow gold and stainless steel details on one watch , the Sub ref.

The prices of the Rolex Submariner in follow similar patterns with other Rolex sports watches, which is to say that the stainless steel versions are often valued higher than MSRP in the secondary market. And for a luxury watch reference that is over a decade old but is not a vintage watch yet, that is impressive value retention and speaks to the enduring popularity of modern steel Rolex sports watches. Two-tone Rolex Submariner watches are crafted from stainless steel and 18k yellow gold.

Some of the least costly Submariner watches that can be purchased in the secondary market are discontinued models that are not old enough to be considered true vintage watches yet.

Namely, these are the Submariner Date x and x reference made in the 80s, 90, and s until the introduction of the Cerachrom Sub in the lates. Thanks to their immense desirability among watch collectors, vintage Submariners are some of the priciest Rolex watches in the pre-owned market.

The most affordable relatively speaking vintage Submariners are typically the later versions of the ref. But these still normally start in the five-figure range. Ultra collectible vintage Submariner referencesЧparticularly those with uncommon design traitsЧcan command six-figure prices. In , a Submariner ref. The very first Rolex Submariner watches did not have crown guards and are easily the most expensive models.

Over the decades, this watch has seen a lot of changes and upgrades. However, one of the most shocking changes is the price of the Submariner. Over the next two decades, between the s and s, the Submariner gained serious popularity. It was already renowned for its water-resistance, but its highly versatile aesthetics, along with features in major films, like the James Bond series, made this watch more than a dive tool and turned it into a mainstream status symbol.

But the relatively low prices of this decade are a direct reflection of the downfall of the industry during the Quartz Crisis when lighter and cheaper quartz watches were outselling mechanical watches. However, by the time the s were ushered in, the industry had mostly regained its footing and repositioned itself in the market. Rolex watches had always been seen as high-end items; however, it was during this decade that we saw them fully embrace their luxury status. The price of the Rolex Submariner was pretty much blown out of the water.

Today, the modern version of that same watch ref. An especially tempting purchase in this price bracket, for a couple of reasons, is the last of the non-Cerachrom bezel series, the steel ref.

Firstly, they can be the least expensive buy-in to the Submariner family; a beautiful, robust watch that gives a lot of bang for the buck. The versions that precede this series-wide innovation are likely to become highly sought-after future classics.

More likely to fluctuate in value due to the ever-changing price of precious metals, they make an eye-catching alternative to the utilitarian original. Stainless steel Rolex Submariner watches from the previous generation are among the most affordable models available.

A move into five-figure territory opens up access to some very special references of the Submariner. The most recent release of the two-tone ref. Available with a blue dial and bezel LB or in black LN , they each successfully tread the line between out and out tool watch and a timepiece versatile enough to wear with just about anything.

If green is your color, the Sub marked its half-century in with the introduction of the ref. A shock to the system on its launch, the unorthodox color scheme from the usually straight-laced Swiss has now become an enticing target for collectors. Seven years later, Rolex built on the success of the Kermit, as the LV was quickly labeled, and brought out the Rolex Submariner LV, with a green dial to go alongside the Cerachrom bezel, and earning it the nickname The Hulk.

The step- up in price also brings some of the truly classic vintages within reach, important slices of Rolex history with unrivaled pedigrees. The ref. In , the ref. Without getting into the fine details over th e distinctions between the two, the and are, very generally speaking, the same watch, but most s contained COSC rated movements, whereas the did not. The two most opulent variations occupy much of the pre-owned market space at the lower end of this price point.

The yellow gold Submariner ref. O r the ref. Beyond that, there is only really the question of how much you want to spend.

Paul is the company's Founder and CEO. He is responsible for all the day to day activities from purchasing, receiving, marketing and sales. Paul is a graduate of Boston College and resides in California with his family. Do you have a never worn New Rolex Submariner LN with date, black face and dial with gold and stainless band? If so how much? It has a black face and 2 tone Gold and Stainless watch band. How do I determine the value of my watch?

Rolex now makes the hands and hour markers on all of its watches out of 18k gold either yellow, white, or Everose gold Ч this is done as a means to prevent tarnishing and oxidation on these components. Name required. Mail will not be published required. There may be an issue with the Instagram access token that you are using. Your server might also be unable to connect to Instagram at this time.

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