What is smallworlds support email

what is smallworlds support email

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Send it to our Call Center email address ; Make a transfer from your personal bank account to our bank account listed below. Call our call center in order to review and confirm your transaction. Follow us in. Send money to Colombia from United States. SmallWorlds. K likes · 42 talking about this. The OFFICIAL SmallWorlds Facebook page. *SmallWorlds has closed* Please join us on Reddit, Discord, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Remember we Followers: K.

We use cookies to improve your experience hwat our site and to show you personalised advertising. By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. My homespace is not loading How do you expect smallworldss to play when I cant even get to my home space? I log in to the world and as im entering it can't even load my home space! RoopyCandy Send email. I have also been a wonderful paying customer, and supportive member of the smallwoorlds, I have worked very hard on this game : But Smallworlds support keeps stonewalling me now, when I mail them about this.

Please note that the entity and phone number referenced above iw Kendrakendrakendra is a Minnesota based how to be a successful franchise "Small World Solutions Inc. I have checked many times and attempted to contact them too to see if they would publish their address and phone number on their website.

They don't even what is the rule 4 in horse racing betting back! At this point, only thing I can suggest is You can get more details about smallworlds. Rose Beauty 19th Send email. Smallqorlds did a mission thingy for 4,gold On The Smallworlds.

I did it last night. And waited all night to find when I woke up in the morning the emaik wasn't there. Of enail i am very frustrated and want my gold suppoet. Also for someone to sort this crap out. Thanks, Rose Beauty 19th. Get your shit together. My old friend ex-friend Danielle was just playing Smallworlds, and for no reason, one day it says she was banned.

Thank you for alerting us about this false ban. If you would like us to take further action, please contact something with zen desk, I can't remember. Send the email and password to her account there. Thank you. I know the email and password for her account. So I emailed them and they said they couldn't help. And I was so angry. So angry that I was considering quitting smallworlds. But I didn't. Smallworlds, you better pull your shit together before you lose your players.

I play almost everyday for fun. I start playing and Emaul pull a prank and say " I'm I smqllworlds put how to gain flexibility back my wrong birth date and now I can't get into my account, or get my money back. I try and try and try to email them but it would really help if they sulport a phone number.

I would really like my money back or my account, BAD. I probably play more than the creator himself. The Email Wupport Seriously Smallworlds you have so many issues and Im fed up dealing with them, I had a problem on an account I emailed [email protected] my problem and they sent me a whole load of stuff I didn't need I emailed them saying I smallworlde my email and password and I wondered if I could get back into the account and I got back an email saying- Please reply to this email with these details.

The email you use to access SmallWorlds your login. Your stated age when you signed up to SmallWorlds. The answer to the secret question you chose when you signed up to SmallWorlds. User Send email. Scamming me out of my money. Dsees77 Send email. He is 13 yrs old. I have a program on his computer that records everything he does. After reviewing it the moderator for the site banned him for nothing. This is outragous, you can not even contact the site, I have sent emails, they do not respond and there is NO phone number.

I wish someone could do something about this site. They are scamming kids after they spend alot of money on it. Kendrakendrakendra Send smlalworlds. I agree. United States. Consumer complaints and reviews about SmallWorlds. Nov 14, Jun 13, Feb 10, Sep 16, Aug 6, Jul 14, Mar 6, Jul 10, Apr 27, Apr 21, Aug 15, Apr 10, Apr 8, Feb 23, Previous 1 Next.

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The Email Support Seriously Smallworlds you have so many issues and Im fed up dealing with them, I had a problem on an account I emailed [email protected] my problem and they sent me a whole load of stuff I didn't need I emailed them saying I forgot my email and password and I wondered if I could get back into the account and I got back an. Smallworlds is a 3D virtual chat world, for 13+. You need an email. smallworlds also is a game where you can make places, buy things, make missions, become vip, go to places, get married. An extensive players forums was established in late for communication amongst players in SmallWorlds. The forums is brought to the players by vBulletin. Many users use the forums to advertise sales, a group or spaces. The forum categories are: General Discussion Featured Suggestions Charity and Awareness Zone Missions Items Groups Space Showcase Farming and Crafting PVP Arena .

Asked by Wiki User. Smallworlds was created in New Zealand and the person who owns smallworlds is Dan Smallworlds. The real owner is Mitch Olsen He does have an account named Mitch Olsen.

No, you can not get Smallworlds on the ipod touch. I would say Dan SmallWorlds. OurWorld is a game like Smallworlds. No you can't cheat in Smallworlds because it has been updated to 4. I played smallworlds once, and you can't rent out your house. You can only sell it. No you can't. There is none. In fact, there are no cheats at all for SmallWorlds. The only way to get gold is buying it or doing surveys. Hello there, They make people helpers and mod on Smallworlds because they need people to help citizens of Smallworlds and also because when they are not around there are helpers to help people with their questions and they need people who know a lot of Smallworlds.

They need mods so they can manage everyone's accounts incase something happens because the owners of Smallworlds can't do all of those and keep track of all the accounts can they? There is none.. If you mean "Pregnant", no you can not be "Pregnant" in smallworlds. It's a game for ages 13 and older. People pretend to be "Pregnant" though. Smallworlds is always free. You can buy VIP and that costs money, but other wise you can play on Smallworlds without paying a dime.

Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered You need an email. Related Questions. Which country created smallworlds?

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Why do they make people helpers and mods on smallworlds? Is there a money maker for smallworlds? What is smallworlds email? What is smallworlds virtualworld number? How do you unblock smallworlds from your computer? What is smallworlds phone number? Can you be pregnant in smallworlds? Is smallworlds for kids? Is smallworlds the site free but youre limited or you have to get a subscription to join or is there something like a free 3-day trial? Trending Questions What's the most outdated thing you still use today?

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