What is data capture techniques

what is data capture techniques

Data Capture Methods

Data capture is the process of collecting structured and unstructured information and converting it into data readable by a computer. With technology advancements, data capture has evolved phenomenally from paper to the automated data entry. Aug 04,  · Data capture is the retrieval of information from a document using methods other than data entry. The utility of data capture is the ability to automate this information retrieval where data entry would be inefficient, costly or inapplicable. For example, barcode scanners at supermarkets and hospitals qualify as data capture tools.

There are numerous data capture methods that can be utilised to capture key information from surveys, invoices, claim forms, unstructured documents and other document types.

Thanks to innovative technology, data capture processes can be automated to reduce manual data entry and increase data accuracy. Dqta of automation often depends on the document type.

Businesses automation projects often use techniquds data capture methods to streamline techiques. Below we have put together a list of techniques used to capture different types of data. OCR technology is used to capture data from structured documents, usually those that have been how to become a member of the international olympic committee processed.

The software works by converting documents into machine readable files, once this has happened you can search by keywords contained within it, great for files containing large amounts of data. Click here to find out more. ICR technology how to build a raised deck with stairs an adapted version of OCR, the difference being techniwues ICR is able to read handwritten text and convert it into computer readable information.

Often used for unstructured whwt such as letters, unstructured documents and other handwritten business correspondence. Once documents have been OCR iw ICR scanned, automatic data capture software can identify and extract key information from forms. This is becoming extremely popular for businesses looking to automate processing tasks, such as invoicing, purchasing and claims processing.

The software is trained to look for specific types of information, such as reference numbers, names and addresses. Extracted information is output into a preferred format for import into existing systems, commonly used are csv, cata or html. Paperless forms allow information to be captured whilst out in the field, transforming the way data comes what is data capture techniques and out whwt a business. Data is captured using a mobile device and can be transferred straight into office systems, with no paper processing involved or delays.

Barcode technology is a data capture method that allows metadata such as customer name, address and contact numbers to be pre populated into barcode format capturf to forms being sent. This form of data capture significantly reduces manual data entry requirement upon return. Double blind data entry is a form of manual data entry using two operators and validation software to increase accuracy.

The software will flag up any discrepancies between both sets of data and errors must be corrected before they can move. From the techniaues, Graham was very helpful in talking through what we wanted to achieve, and working with us to confirm how best to present our questions and decide on the level of service that we needed to get it off. The qhat has worked very well for us and we are very pleased with the result. During the process they took the time understand our customer feedback collection method and techniiques a solution that works.

They also came up with ideas that we did not think of which was an added bonus. Cleardata were awarded our data entry project through a competitive tender process. Although this was a relatively small project, the importance to our company was high. We needed data entry services to migrate essential, business critical information into a new, web enabled IT system.

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Project Background Branded Restaurants take care of the marketing and PR activity for multiple restaurants. Using innovative technology we can transform the way data comes in and out of your business. See all our accreditations. Cleardata offers accurate data entry and data processing services in a secure, accredited facility.

Cleardata is a tchniques registered in England and Wales. Registration number -VAT Number Contact Quick Quote. Quick Quote. Overview Benefits There are numerous technjques capture methods that can be utilised to capture key information from surveys, invoices, claim forms, unstructured documents and other document types.

Paperless Forms Paperless forms allow information to be captured whilst out in the field, transforming the way data comes in and out of a business. Barcode Technology Barcode technology is a data capture method that allows metadata such as customer name, address and contact numbers to be pre populated into barcode format prior to forms being sent. Double Blind Data Entry Double blind data entry is a form of manual whar entry using two operators and validation software to increase accuracy.

Reduce manual data entry requirements Increase data accuracy levels Save time Cut costs Increase business efficiency Improve customer communication and service Gain a competitive advantage.

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Best data capture methods in 2019

Data capture, or electronic data capture, is the process of extracting information from a document and converting it into data readable by a computer. More generally, data capturing can also refer to collecting relevant information whether sourced from paper or electronic documents. Apr 11,  · Automated data capture involves using technologies that allow machines to capture data and then transform it into meaningful insights. The choice of automated data capture methods depends on the type of business and strategic goals. Here are the examples that demonstrate the key role of big data for business to flourish.

PDF files, electronic-forms, codes, mails, web-content etc. However, a significant amount of data continues to accumulate in the form of manually filled forms, written documents, letters etc. In such a scenario, where there is no singularity of either form or sources of data, multiple methods of data capturing are required which can be used for data capture based upon the original source or form in which data is present. Organizations and businesses need to determine the best way of carrying out data capture, as fits their purpose.

Here, in this article, we identify some basic methods of data capture and highlights the significant differences among them. An experienced data entry outsourcing service provider would have the requisite expertise to carry out high quality data capture. Depending upon the procedure of collecting information, the data capture process can be divided into two segments:.

In manual data capture process, the data is entered manually by an operator using input devices like keyboard, touch screens, mouse etc. This method of data collection is labor intensive, time consuming and so businesses find it efficient to migrate to automated methods of data capture. However, the manual method is not totally extinct and still finds application in many business processes. Briefly, the methods of manual data capture include using: Mouse Graphics tablet Keyboard Touch-screen — e.

This method has a high initial cost on account of the initial investment required as for instance, the purchase of technology but as the project proceeds, is found to lower the operating costs significantly on account of low manpower requirement. Further, with the majority of data today existing in electronic forms, the cost of using such automated technology has also reduced.

Hence, there has been proliferation of techniques and technology of automated methods of data capturing, each suitable for a particular type data or source of data. Optical Character Recognition OCR : OCR technology is used to convert different types of machine-printed documents including image files, PDF files or scanned paper documents, into searchable and editable data.

As handwritten text caries significantly, so ICR is less accurate and complicated as compared to other technologies. However, the technology evolves continuously by itself and as the number of samples processed increases, the accuracy increases. The technology has the capacity to differentiate between marked and unmarked boxes and so, is used for capturing data through boxes that are checked manually on documents.

It involves the recognition of specially formatted characters that are printed in magnetic ink, by a machine. The technology is mainly used by banking industry to speed up the processing of cheques and other documents.

The added advantage of this method is that humans can also read the data as well. Magnetic Stripe Cards: Magnetic stripe cards store data using magnetic properties of certain materials.

They possess stripes of iron-based magnetic materials on the card. They are used for electronically storing particular numbers related to credit cards, identity cards and they enable automated data transfer when they reswiped in magnetic readers. Smart-Cards: Smart cards are pocket-sized cards with embedded integrated circuits. They can function on contact or can be contactless. They contain more memory than magnetic cards and can be used for data related to personal identification, authentication, biometrics etc.

Upon interaction with suitable reading devices they enable automated information transfer and data access. Web-Data Capture: Data capture from web involves the capture of data from electronic forms through internet or intranet.

Voice- Recognition: Voice recognition is the process of converting speech into text. The text can be simple text or can be a set of commands. It finds application in dictation systems, small controlling systems and certain processes of data entry and word-processing environment. There are differences in the types of data and their sources. Accordingly, there are different methods of capturing this data. Reading this article would have certainly provided you with information regarding various data sources and their methods of processing data.

However, the selection of appropriate methods for data capture involves equally an understanding of form, source, depth and quantum of data.

A suitable selection of a data capture tool is bound to make the business process resource- efficient, cost-effective and time saving. While knowledge of these different methods of data capture would certainly help businesses to decide on a strategy that best suits them, leveraging the expertise of an expert OCR Services provider would help them enhance their business efficiency to the best possible extent.

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