What is a worldwide collection of computer networks

what is a worldwide collection of computer networks

The ____ is a worldwide collection of computer networks that allows people to communicate and exchange information quickly and easily. Internet World Wide Web email exchange RSS of 10 Web pages are created using programming languages, such as all of the following EXCEPT ____. The internet is a worldwide collection of computer networks. The term ‘internet’ refers to the network infrastructure, not the content stored on it. The purpose of the internet is to enable.

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Civil Engineering. Computer Engineering. Computer Science. Electrical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. Advanced Math. Advanced Physics. Anatomy and Physiology. Earth Science. Social Science. Political Science. Literature Guides. Provide the most appropriate answers in the blanks given below: a A worldwide newtorks of computer networks.

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Solution for a) A worldwide collection of computer networks. b) An output device that can print solid objects. c) A software that enables a user with an.

Asked by Wiki User. The computer network that connects computers across the globe is called the Internet. There are a tremendous number of data collection systems available for computer network systems. Google alone has more than a score of registered patents for different methods and processes. A good place to start looking for information on different and emerging technologies for data collection is the International Journal of Computer Applications, or IJCA, which publishes the research of premier computer scientists worldwide.

A telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange is known as a computer network. The internet is a worldwide area of connected computers that uses the internet protocol suite to serve and connect billions of users. Computer network : A collection of computing devices that are connected in various ways in order to communicate and share resource. Usually, the connections between computers in a network are made using physical wires or cables.

A computer network is a collection of computers that is connected together so that they can communicate. Depending on how "closely" the computers are connected and how they communicate they may be called:a computer clustera computer networka computer cloudetc.

A person incharge of a collection of computer devices connected through a medium to transmits data. Computer Network is a collection of computers or switches or servers that are interconnected through any communication medium.

A computer network, often simply referred to as a network, is a collection of computers and devices interconnected by communications channels that facilitate communications among users and allows users to share resources. Networks may be classified according to a wide variety of characteristics. A computer network allows sharing of resources and information among interconnected devices.

A network is any collection of independent computers that communicate with one another over a shared network medium. An internet database is a collection of data that is accessible from the internet network. You can access it from any computer that has an internet connection. The Internet. Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions.

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