What if your vag smells like fish

what if your vag smells like fish

What Causes Fishy Odor in Vaginas?

If you have a distinctly fishy smell emanating from your vagina, it’s highly likely that the cause is bacterial vaginosis (BV), Dr. Streicher says. Jun 29,  · You may notice a fishy smell when you have bacterial vaginosis, a type of bacterial infection that can affect women of any age. It is usually the result of an overgrowth of bacteria normally present in your vagina. Lactobacilli are good bacteria that outnumber anaerobes or bad bacteria present in your vagina.

For many women, vat a fishy vaginal odor can be a very distressing and embarrassing condition. Most of the time, a fishy vaginal smell is an indicator ig an infection in the genitals. However, poor hygiene, excessive sweating, or even certain foods can cause a vagina to have a fishy smell. Thankfully, there are many home remedies that can help to youg a fishy vaginal odor.

For example, probiotics can help to improve the health of your vagina and help to restore healthy bacteria. Also, apple cider vinegar, what time does swiss chalet close tree oil, and coconut oil all help to kill off germs that cause a fishy vaginal smell and get rid of the other symptoms like itching and irritation.

If you have noticed that your underwear has a distinct fishy odor or if you cish noticed that your vagina smells bad, this article will help you find how to treat the malodor.

Finding whaf root cause of feminine odor can also help prevent what is life after death in christianity discharge smelling like fish again. Sometimes the only symptoms that anything is wrong with your vagina is a fishy smell that you detect when you move or remove your pad or underwear.

If that is your only symptom, then it could be that better feminine hygiene can remedy the problem. Smellls the fishy vaginal odor is caused by an infection, then you will likely notice other symptoms. Other symptoms of a vaginal infection include discharge that looks yellowish or gray and has a strong foul odor. Also, you may experience some itching around the labia and notice redness, irritation and possible swelling at the opening of your vagina. A vaginal infection may also cause a distinct strong vaginal odor after your period or you may notice a fishy smell after having intercourse.

It is good to remember that vaginal discharge is a normal part of a healthy reproductive system and helps keep your vagina free of bacteria. Doctors from the Mayo Clinic say that normal vaginal discharge will have a slight odor. However, the Mayo Clinic doctors say that if your vagina smells like fish, it usually means that there is a problem that needs addressing.

One of the most common reasons for your vagina smelling like fish is a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis. According to the Cleveland Clinic, up to a third of women in the U. Doctors from the Cleveland Yyour say that the common symptoms of BV include gray-colored vaginal discharge that smells fishy.

Bacterial you is also a reason for fishy-smelling discharge after sexual intercourse. Doctors from the National Health Service say that very often BV can come back in the first 3 months after treatment. At the end of this article, you will find some helpful home remedies to get rid of a fishy odor caused by bacterial vaginosis.

If you want to find more information on BV, please read my article on how to treat bacterial vaginosis naturally. Another reason for discharge ir has a distinct smell is a yeast infection.

The most common symptom of a vaginal yeast infection is clumpy white vaginal discharge. Does a yeast infection cause fishy vaginal odor? Usually not. In fact, Dr. If your discharge looks like cottage cheese, then a yeast infection may be to blame. One of the most obvious symptoms of trichomoniasis is a thick, yellowish or gray discharge that has a strong fish odor to it.

Researchers from the Illinois Department of Public Health say that other symptoms of trichomoniasis are pain during urination and mild to severe itching around the genitals.

Sometimes, trichomoniasis may cause abdominal pain and cramping. One reason why your vagina how to unlock pattern lock in spice mobile smell fishy is if you have pelvic inflammatory disease. This is an inflammatory disease caused by bacteria in your vagina that can also affect your other reproductive organs.

Bacterial vaginosis can also increase your risk of vat PID. According to Dr. Pelvic inflammatory disease is yyour the cause of noticing a strong vaginal odor after your period. Other symptoms of PID include cramping pain in the lower abdomen without periodnausea, vomiting, and a fever. If the pelvic inflammatory disease gets worse, Dr.

Soper says ic you may also notice a yellow-green vaginal discharge. Your vagina might smell like fish if you have poor hygiene habits. Poor vaginal hygiene can lead to a buildup of uf in the vagina that can start to develop a fishy smell. Some ways of getting rid of fishy vaginal odor naturally and improve vaginal hygiene are to always wipe from front to back, avoid douching, and change pads and tampons regularly during menstruation.

Fishy smelling vaginal discharge can happen if you whzt a tampon in id vagina for too long or if it gets forgotten. A buildup of bacteria in lkie vagina can cause fish-smelling discharge that looks bad. According to the book Clinical Methodsif you have malodorous vaginal discharge, you should look for a forgotten tampon if you use them during your period.

Smslls from the National Health Service say that a tampon that has been left in the vagina too long can also cause toxic shock syndrome. They recommend the following to prevent complications when using tampons: 8. Sometimes, a combination of sweat, normal vaginal discharge, and urine can combine to create a strong-smelling feminine odor. Usually, having good feminine hygiene habits and changing your underwear regularly can yur to reduce any fishy odor from your vagina.

If you only notice fisj strong fishy odor from your vagina once in a while, it could be because of certain foods that you have been eating. For example, researchers from the Cleveland Clinic say that asparagus and B6 supplements can give urine a strong odor. This can become even more concentrated if you are not drinking enough water. Other foods that cause your urine to smell include garlic, salmon and coriander. If you want to get rid of an unpleasant smell from your vagina and stop smelling like fish, there are many helpful home remedies for fishy odors.

Taking probiotics is a great way to improve your vaginal health and get rid of a fishy smell from your vagina. The journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection reported that probiotics have been proven to help treat bacterial vaginosis infections.

Probiotics also have a marked effect on recurrence of BV and it was found that women had fewer instances of BV recurring. The researchers concluded that probiotics can boost the general health of many women. For information on how to use probiotics for improving your vaginal healthplease read my article on the many reasons to take probiotic supplements.

Tea tree oil is a natural home remedy that can help to get rid of fishy smells from your vagina. Tea tree oil contains smelos occurring antibacterial properties that kill bacteria what is bullous disease of the lungs germs that cause a strong odor with discolored discharge.

The journal Clinical Microbiology Reviews reports lke tea tree oil has many antimicrobial and medicinal properties. Studies into tea tree oil have found that it can kill off many strains of bacteria and prevent inflammatory smelos.

Interestingly, the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy reported on a case where a woman msells BV successfully treated her smeells, including fishy vaginal odor, with just tea tree oil preparations. To help treat fishy vaginal discharge using yout tree oil, you can make a natural vaginal rinse to help kill off any vaginal infections smelld are causing fishy vaginal odor:.

Coconut oil is another natural treatment you can use at home to treat the symptoms of fishy discharge. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and fatty acids that help to reduce inflammation and kill off infections in the vagina. For example, the Journal of Medicinal Food reported that coconut fiwh is effective against many bacterial strains.

You can make a coconut oil vaginal suppository with tea tree oil to help treat many conditions that cause thick, smelly discharge. This is what you should do:. The beneficial properties of virgin coconut oil can also help to treat symptoms of a yeast liike naturally.

If your vagina has a fishy smell, then you can use raw unprocessed apple cider vinegar ACV as a natural remedy to get rid of a feminine odor. Apple cider vinegar contains natural antiseptic properties that destroy germs that are often the cause of fish-smelling genital odor.

There are a number of ways that you can use apple cider vinegar to remove odor from vaginal likee. This sitz bath is a safe way rather than apple cider vinegar vaginal douche that many women do and is not recommended by medical professionals.

You can also treat fish-smelling vaginal discharge by soaking a tampon in diluted apple cider vinegar. This is how to make an antibacterial vaginal suppository with apple cider vinegar:. The beneficial properties of raw unfiltered ACV can also help to treat symptoms of a yeast infection naturally. If your vagina smells like fish and is itchy, then applying cooling raw snells to your vagina can give you needed relief.

Raw natural yogurt contains probiotics that can boost your vaginal health, and the cooling effect of yogurt soothes away any irritation. The effectiveness of yogurt wyat treating conditions that cause vaginal discharge to smell of fish was reported on in a study in gag Researchers found that yogurt containing probiotics was just as effective as popular antibiotics that are used to treat BV.

The study concluded that probiotic yogurt is an effective treatment for bacterial vaginosis. It is very easy to use yogurt to address health issues that cause fishy vaginal smell. The beneficial properties of yogurt can also help to treat symptoms of a yeast infection naturally. Of course, it is always easier to prevent fishy vaginal odor rather than treating it. This will help save you from embarrassment if your vagina emits a fishy smell.

Amanda Oakely from DermNetNZ says that the best ways to prevent fishy malodor from your yojr are: 4. If you have vaginal discharge that smells of fish or has another offensive odor, you should speak to your doctor. Doctors from the Mayo Clinic say that if you are concerned about an abnormal fjsh persistent vaginal odor, you should see your doctor, especially yoru you have other signs and symptoms such as itching, burning, irritation or abnormal discharge.

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What Is Vaginal Odor?

Bacterial infection: It is normal to have some degree of vaginal discharge, but if you notice itching, a change in color or a fishy odor you should see your alldatingloveen.com could be the sign of a bacterial infection that could easily be treated with an antibiotic. Aug 22,  · While there is some variation with normal vaginal odor, smells that are a tip-off that something is wrong can generally be divided into three camps: . My vagina never smells Except for a few times in my life that I had vaginal vaginosis. In the last couple years I have noticed that I smell like any sea food or sting seasoned foods I eat. Tonight I had mussels in white wine garlic butter. Tonight I smell like that appetizer. December 13, - am.

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Call your doctor or if you think you may have a medical emergency. A year-old female asked:. Carrie Champine answered. Obstetrics and Gynecology 18 years experience. Bacterial infection: It is normal to have some degree of vaginal discharge , but if you notice itching, a change in color or a fishy odor you should see your doctor.

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Please note, we cannot prescribe controlled substances, diet pills, antipsychotics, or other abusable medications. Connect with a doctor now. Get help now: Ask doctors free Personalized answers. Similar questions A year-old member asked:. Carolyn Quist answered. Yeast infection?

You can also get other sexually transmitted infections that might cause similar symptoms. You may have experienced some trauma to the area if decreased lubrication was a factor or an allergic reaction to the soap you used afterwards. You should see a doctor. A year-old member asked:. Tamar Jeffery answered. Emergency Medicine 15 years experience. See a doctor: You should see a doctor or GYN for an evaluation. Also a possible foreign body like a lost tampon can give a horrible ordor.

Ralph Boling answered. Obstetrics and Gynecology 39 years experience. Vaginitis: Bacterial vaginitis, see your doctor for treatment as this requires a vaginal antibiotic creme. Mazen Kherallah answered. Infectious Disease 34 years experience. Vaginitis: Bad odor from vagina indicate vaginitis that can be caused by bacterial vaginosis or trichomonas vaginitis.

Recommend to check with your PCP. Related questions A member asked:. If a vagina smells like rotten cheese, does that mean she has a yeast infection? I was laying in bed with a girl, and a smell so disturbing hit my nose like a brick in the face. The smell was like rotten cheese times And i still had sex with her. What does it mean when there is always this white stuff like cum that smell strong and kind of fishy coming out of your vagina? I have this unpleasant fishy smell coming from my vagina.

I shower everyday and wash it, but the smell is back after an hour or so. What should i do? I Clean myself very well but still has slight smell. Going on 3 years like this. Please help. Very embarassing. I shower wash and change my underwear everyday. Smell comes right through my pants? People also asked I always wash my vagina and i don't have sex but it still smells fishy? Is this normal? Vagina smells like onions even after i shower. Tried not eating onions and it still smells that way.

Hi my friend has a problem, her vagina smells fishy and leaks urine when she coughs. She has a shower then the next day smells again. Any advice? Can krill oil capsules give you a fishy odour in your vagina I have no infection what so ever but even if i wash it shower the smell is still there? My vagina smells really bad almost all the time. I would take a good shower and 30 minutes later, it would smell bad again.

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