What can you do with a bachelor of science

what can you do with a bachelor of science

List of Jobs That Use a Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Dec 04,  · What Jobs Can You Get with a Bachelor of Science? Senior Software Engineer. A senior software engineer is in charge of a team that designs, constructs, tests and maintains software systems. He or she Chief Financial Officer. Senior Professional Service Consultant. Bachelor of Science Jobs List. Career Opportunities with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Applied Physics. Architecture. Biochemistry. Chemistry. Civil Engineering. Community Health. Computer Engineering. Computer Science. Construction Management. Electrical Engineering.

On the surface, the answer to that question may seem more straightforward than it actually is. When most di envision a biologist or someone working in the field of biologymore often than not they see a person in a white lab coat peering into a microscope in a room filled with wifh and glass slides. Wwith time in laboratories conducting research and using a microscope to closely examine various specimens is a very real outcome for many professional fields that are directly linked to the study of biology.

Michael R. These main branches of biology include:. It would be misleading to suggest that in order to succeed in the how to make a pulley at home of biology, a person must have a defined set of personal characteristics or traits.

That being said, there are personal skills and characteristics that do contribute scienxe a person being drawn to biology and thriving in any of the professions to which a degree can wjat lead. At NU, Dr. Some of these include:. A bachelor of science in biology opens up a broad array of potential career bachelorr. Among the first things to consider for anyone studying biology is whether they want to use the undergraduate degree to enter a professional field directly, or dan a foundation for advanced study leading yoj a graduate degree.

Maxwell says. Graduate programs in other, non-health care disciplines are another popular option. Some examples include:. Maxwell says that in the past few years, graduates of the NU program have been accepted to medical school, while others are how to use flovent diskus 100 mcg working in various biology-related careers as a lab manager at an allergy research institute, an agricultural inspector for Riverside Countya quality control expert at a biotechnology firm, and as a conservation biologist and teaching.

And they do really amazing work. So the opportunities are huge. SinceNational University has been that best fit for students from across the United States. In addition to general study courses in algebra, chemistry, biology, and physics, lf in the program take part in courses covering areas like:. Upper division courses in the program sciejce subjects like animal behavior, immunology, marine biology, bioinformatics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, oceanography, and environmental science.

Additionally, students can further concentrate their studies in areas like forensic pathology, forensic toxicology, forensic anthropology, and forensic DNA. These are the type of skills that will make them very marketable in San Diego, and can set them apart in the eyes of graduate schools and employers. With more thanalumni nationwide, NU is dedicated to providing flexible, convenient scheduling options as a way to enable adult learners to mold their college experience around the demands of their daily life.

You can request more program information about the bachelor of science degree in biology on our website or email Dr. Maxwell with any questions. I confirm that the information provided on this form is accurate and complete. I also understand that certain degree programs may not be available in all states. Message and what is a site name rates may apply.

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Understanding Biology

A bachelor's degree in science offers a range of employment options. Most colleges provide access to a variety of different concentrations within the realm of science, ranging from life sciences. Dec 07,  · For anyone thinking about a future as a biologist or a related field, it would obviously help to have a real interest in the basics of science. If you enjoy equations and reading about science, are always curious about the “why” of things, and like keeping detailed information about the results of projects and processes, those are good signs. What Can You Do with a Bachelor of Science in Education? Knowing what you can do with a bachelor of science in education is useful. That's because it helps you figure out which way to go while you.

A Bachelor of Science degree opens doors to many career paths. In fact, a Bachelor of Science offers a huge range of majors, including engineering, health sciences, business, and technology. You might be surprised at how many science-related fields exist! Check out the list below:. And this list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, each school has its own unique program structure, and not all schools offer the same academic opportunities. However, a Bachelor of Science degree is definitely a career booster.

The scientific workforce is booming, and employers need your expertise. Not all majors are in high demand right now, so as you embark on your college search, take some time to research what career fields are hiring. The above is just a sampling of possible career paths. There are many lucrative opportunities in finance, as well as IT, healthcare, and construction.

In order to best prepare for life after graduation, talk to a career counselor, snag an internship, or get a summer job to gain as much experience as possible in your field. The more you can add to your resume while attending classes, the better.

Ask questions, shadow him or her for a day or two, and learn as much as you can about bookkeeping and payroll.

You never know, you might impress the boss and land a job after graduation. Every bit of experience helps! Home About. Search Bachelors of Science Degrees.

Student Library. Recent Blog Updates. Career Opportunities with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Add this to the school's additional degree options , and you have a well-rounded university that empowers working professionals to earn their degree. Each student is assigned an advisor to help find a degree program that fits their needs. Walden University — Walden University offers students more than 15 online bachelor degree programs and 55 different concentrations.

Ashford University — Ashford University features five world-class universities. The system offers a wide variety of degrees, with the online division offering over 80 bachelor's degrees alone. The online course offerings provide working professionals access to education that can change lives. Graduates are found throughout the country. Purdue is one of the nations largest colleges and features a staff dedicated to your learning. Grand Canyon is built on Christian principles and for each degree program an emphasis is placed on applying Christian values and ethics to the classroom.

The university's online degree offerings are tremendous, providing degrees from the associates to doctoral level. The university also has a supportive, Christ-centered environment.

Programs at South University use multimedia in the curriculum and are designed to provide students with the highest levels of interaction with other students and faculty.

Students are treated to professors that welcome engaging discussion in the classroom.

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