How to use solar pool cover

how to use solar pool cover

HereТs Everything You Wanted To Know About Solar Pool Covers

If your pool is rectangular, round or oval and you were able to find a cover that is your exact pool size, then the job of installing your solar blanket is pretty easy Ц simply lay the cover on the pool with the bubble side facing down, and the smooth side facing up. The cheapest and most effective solar-heating system for your swimming pool is a solar cover. You can get one for around $ a square foot, so covering an average size pool costs about $ Using a plastic cover alone can extend your swim season a couple of months on each end of the summer. In [ ].

They save energy, time, and money. But if not, this post will still fill what does the name tevin mean in on everything you need to know about solar pool covers. From how they work, to the multitude sopar benefits that come what does share point do using them.

A solar pool cover, or solar blanket, is a thin and lightweight sheet made from a special UV resistant plastic. Each blanket is double-sided, with one side smooth and the other similar to bubble wrap. Just like a regular lid on a pot, covers trap in heat and reduce evaporation while shielding unwanted debris from entering your water.

A pesky, yet avoidable problem that every uncovered pool is subject to. As you pool sits out under the hot rays of the sun, it naturally collects solar heat. Hence why your water is always warmest on the sunniest, hottest days of the year. But seldom is that natural heat enough to provide a steady, comfortable swim throughout the year.

Yet even with the best pool heater, what does 100 humidity mean is soalr a bow problem. That is until you apply a solar pool cover. A solar pool cover creates a barrier between the surface of what does opacification of the sinus mean pool water and the atmosphere.

Not only does it contain the heat, but it also helps it heat faster. Without a cover, your water is free to evaporate into the atmosphere, burning away chemicals and losing heat rapidly. But with a solar cover applied, any heat that would have been lost to evaporation stays contained in the water. Of course, making sure to apply the cover correctly is critical, which is what this section is about. Your pool cover should span the length and width of your water and your water only.

So with that said, grab a pair of scissors and shape the cover to hoow snuggle atop the solzr of your water. As you apply the cover, make sure the bubbled side is facing the water Ч the plastic air tp are what keep the cover afloat. This is when your pool will cool off the fastest, so always use the cover to hold onto that heat. But that within itself has a few other effects on your pool system, good ones though, of course. Check out these energy saving tips for your swimming pool ].

But surprisingly enough, liquid how to use solar pool cover covers are nearly as effective as traditional solar covers when it comes to heat retention.

Also, consider that liquid pool covers need to be reapplied, or in other words, repurchased. Solar rings are pretty much solar pool covers but broken up into smaller rings, or circles, that connect magnetically.

So in the end, they may end up being a little solaar less, or more than the cost of a regular cover. There are a few other ways to take advantage of solar power while improving the effectiveness of your solar cover. In fact, the hotter it is, the better a pool heat pump performs. This is because they use an evaporator coil and fan to draw in natural heat, then convert into a hot gas for heating your water.

Solar pool heaters use fixture of panels installed on a roof, coupled with a strong pool pump. Hence why many of them use solar pool heaters and pool heat pumps together. This pool heater combination is, is the most reliable AND energy efficient pool heating option available. Ever wondered what happens on the days you leave the cover on but forgot to run the rest of the pool system? In short, heat loss. Of course, with an automatic timer, you never have to worry about any of that.

And that factor is good ole mother nature. As the wind blows across the surface of your pool water, it creates small waves and ripples. So the best way to combat the wind is to simply block it.

Most pool owners make use of pool enclosures to accomplish this. Of course, anything that can reliably shield your pool from the elements is a step in the right direction. Share 3.

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How Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

Fold the pool cover in half lengthwise and position a person at each end. Have the people pick up the edge in front of them and walk to the other end of the pool (together) to unroll the pool cover over the water. They should then set the cover onto the swimming pool. This not only covers our brand name chemicals, but also our most popular swimming pool supplies. We do have a shipping charge of only $ for orders under $ For . Nov 22, †Ј A solar blanket, solar rings or liquid solar cover are never going to keep your pool as warm as a gas or electric pool heater. But you may not need all the heat of a pool heater and you may not want the added cost. In those cases, a solar pool cover is way better than using nothing at all.

Solar covers help to maintain warmer water as well as prevent the evaporation of water and chemicals, both which save you money! We like to say that we have a solar blanket for every budget. Solar covers come in 8 mil, 12 mil and 16 mil Ч each with longer warranty periods.

For the most durability and highest heat gain, look at the 16 mil Ultra Clear opaque actually blankets. We offer a wide selection of solar covers to meet any budget, and pool heating needs. Solar blankets are made from a UV-stabilized form of polyethylene or polypropylene material. Larger pool blankets are made from rolls of material that are heat sealed together. The better solar pool covers are made of an extruded one-piece material, rather than a laminated top and bottom, and will be thicker, with longer warranty periods.

To determine what size solar pool cover you need, simply measure the longest and widest points of the pool. Solar covers are easily cut to fit Ч freeform or kidney shaped pools use an rectangular size that completely covers the pool, and trim it down to fit the pool shape. Solar covers are available in round, oval or rectangular shapes.

You may notice we sell in-ground and above ground solar covers, but there is no difference in the material. Generally, oval and round covers are installed on above ground pools and rectangular covers on in ground pools, but depending on your pool shape Ч you may be better off purchasing oval or round above ground solar covers for your in-ground pool. It may be cheaper overall, in addition to reducing material waste. You will still need to trim it if you have a free form pool shape.

If your pool is rectangular, round or oval and you were able to find a cover that is your exact pool size, then the job of installing your solar blanket is pretty easy Ч simply lay the cover on the pool with the bubble side facing down , and the smooth side facing up. If you have a freeform pool and need to cut the blanket to fit, the best way to do it would be to get a helper to stretch the cover out taut over the pool to pull out the packing wrinkles.

Place some light weights around the cover to hold it in place. Winter cover water tubes would be a good choice. When half of the cover is cut, use your pool brush to push the cut sides up against the edge of the pool, and to smooth out the blanket, removing air bubbles beneath.

For pools with lots of surrounding trees and debris, some folks like to cut the cover larger, to keep leaves from falling in around the edges. If you do try this method, you may also want to cut a square flap of solar blanket material to insert into the skimmer.

A sharp razor knife is the usual tool for cutting a solar pool cover to fit the pool. Be careful not to cut off too much, you can always trim off additional if necessary. Generally speaking, you should have the solar cover on the pool whenever the pool is not being used. During the day, having the cover on the pool helps to prevent water and chemical evaporation in the hot sun and also warms the pool. At night it will help to insulate the water, to retain the heat you have gained throughout the day.

There are times when you should not use a solar cover. Remove the cover during heavy storms and wind events, to prevent damage from flying debris. Remove the cover before shocking a pool, and leave it off until chlorine levels drop below 2.

Low pH and alkalinity, and low hardness soft water can also damage solar blanket material. Solar covers are durable as they can be while remaining flexible, but are subject to damage from unbalanced water, and quickly deteriorate with high levels of chlorine.

Important to note Ч as chemical damage is not covered under any warranty. High Chlorine : Solar covers should never be used after shocking or super-chlorinating the pool. Leave a solar cover safely stored in the shade whenever chlorine level is higher than 2. Low pH: Solar covers will also degrade in acidic pH levels, when pH falls below neutral 7. Low Calcium: Very soft water with calcium hardness levels below ppm, can literally suck the plasticizers directly out of your solar blanket, making it rigid and crispy.

Using solar blanket reels can extend the life of your solar blanket, keeping it rolled up prevents pinching and folding, and protects the cover from some damaging UV rays. Reels also make it easier to clean the cover while removing it from the pool, and lets you roll the cover out of the way, or into the shade.

Cover your cover while on the reel with the Solar Cover Poly Tarp , a long piece of white plastic with Velcro attachments, or for greater protection use the heavy-duty Solar Cover Winter Cover , both available in several sizes to fit your reel perfectly. During winter, store your solar blanket out of the elements, indoors if possible, as very cold cold temps can cause cold cracking. Do not leave a solar blanket on the pool during winter.

Clean and dry your solar blanket, then fold or roll it up for safe storage. A large Rubbermaid bin or upright drum can be used for maximum protection from sun, dirt and nesting rodents. If you have no space to store a large solar blanket during the off season, you can keep it rolled up tightly on the solar reel. If stored outside, wrap it up with our Solar Blanket Winter Cover shown above a winter cover for the summer cover! The US Department of Energy would like pool owners to increase their use of pool covers, to reduce energy demands and pool heater emissions.

Do your part by investing in a solar blanket that will save you money and make your swimming pool more enjoyable. Read the full DOE article. If you have any questions about sizing a solar blanket or you have determined that you need to purchase a larger custom solar pool cover, please give us a call at Ч we are here to help! Hi Dana, keep that floater in the pool!

It does not matter if it does not move around, the tablets are still submerged in water, and still chlorinating. Chlorine is bad for covers, but normal levels are ok, just keep the cover off after shocking the pool, or when chlorine is more than 3 ppm. We just purchased a solar cover off a resale site. Is it okay to run the pool pump with the cover installed on top of the water? Just be sure to remove the cover after shocking, until chlorine level falls to normal. We just purchased a solar cover and reel system for our inground pool.

It is an irregular shaped pool. We cut the cover to the shape of our pool, and fold it over on two spots to make it a rectangle. But when we roll it up, it bunches up a lot on one end of the reel. Would it make more sense to cut those odd sections off and just lay them down when we put the cover on?

Michele, you could do that. Some people do, cut off the outer radius sections. Your choice! We have a 28 foot round above ground pool. We have a solar blanket that is such a chore to get off and put back on in the evening. How does that work? Or one person can grab the cover while in the water and pull it to the other side, or two people can easily grab each side and pull it across. Or even one person can do it outside of the pool, but you will have to walk around the pool a few times to get it right.

In the middle of pool there is an island with two jets that circulate the water salt water pool. How should the cover be installed as the jets run for 8 hours during the day? Hi Kim, There are several options, You may start with just letting the water spout fall on the cover, and see how that does.

Another option is to use the Solar Rings , which can be easier to use on some freeform shapes, or pools with islands sounds nice. Then stretch it tight across the pool, and use scissors or a razor knife to cut the blanket, right along the coping edge, trying to cut a little larger than needed.

Like a haircut, you can always trim more, but cannot put any back! And, you will need a very large reel to hold such a long blanket, when rolled up, the roll can have a very large diameter. We also cannot ship it internationally, if your pool is outside the US. And just tape the sections together, on the smooth side of the blanket.

No glue needed. The tapes will hold fast and firm, and should last a full season or longer before needing replacement. Hi Neha, you could add on a solar heater unit Ч just cut the return pipe after the filter and run the water in and out of the solar heater. If you have good sun exposure, it can add another 5 or 10 degrees F to the pool.

Hi Andrew, yes in that area the heat loss will be greater, from the surface, but also from running the fountain or waterfall, which also sheds heat and aerates the water. It will stick better if you briefly wipe down the area with rubbing alcohol to clean and soften.

I purchased a replacement solar cover as I have an old one on a reelЕ. Hi Christie, solar covers are attached to the reel with the use of straps and clips. The straps are usually screwed into the reel tube, and the other end is clipped to the solar blanket.

If you inspect your existing cover strapping, I suppose you can just reverse engineer itЕ Thanks, good question! Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Search for:. The Bubble Side Faces Down. Chlorine Damaged Solar Blanket. What size cover should I get?

Which one is it? I have a waterfall feature in my pool and it forces part of my solar blanket underwater. When heating my pool does it matter if my solar blanket is partially submerged? I recently ordered a solar cover and one of the seams has come open.

How do I repair the seam.

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