How to use rural in a sentence

how to use rural in a sentence

Rural in a sentence | rural example sentences

Sentence Examples A higher quality of educational provisions for children living in ruralareas will be another goal for the Chinese government. The house sparrow is strongly associated with human habitations, and can live in urban or ruralsettings. In ruralNorth America, it was prized for use as tool handles and fence posts. Use "rural" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Rural in a sentence | rural example sentences. The sly shade of a Rural Dean. Mary Doer grew up in rural Ohio. My family is from rural Nevada. It is a rural idyll — and one.

Post Your Comments? Rural definition, of, relating to, or characteristic of the country, country life, or country people; rustic: Rural tranquillity. Its definition of Rural is closely tied to its urban definition. Agricultural, country, farming, agrarian, upcountry, agrestic These plants grow in the more Rural areas. What is Rural? Researchers and policy officials employ many definitions to distinguish Rural from urban areas, which often leads to unnecessary confusion and unwanted mismatches in program eligibility.

However, the existence of multiple Rural definitions reflects the usee that Rural and urban are multidimensional concepts. Rural Both authors advocate an eclectic mix of quantitative survey and qualitative interviews sfntence the study of current Rural labour transformations.

From the Cambridge English Corpus In general, little is known about those living on the margins of society during this period, especially in the Rural …. Find 24 ways to say Ruralalong with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus. Visit www. Rural info. See 3 authoritative translations of Rural in English with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.

Senttence means "relating to or characteristic of the country or the people who live there. Premium clothing for those proud to be Rural. We are cut from the Rural Cloth. Small population size typically characterizes a Rural place, but how small is Rural? The journal is an interdisciplinary publication and welcomes articles from diverse theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, which engage with and contribute to the Rural social science literature, as broadly defined by the disciplines sue Rural geography, Rural sociology, agricultural and Rural economics, planning and cognate.

Rural definitions can be based on administrative, land-use, or economic concepts, exhibiting considerable variation in socio-economic characteristics and well-being of the measured how to use rural in a sentence. For research projects and economic development programs alike, the appropriate definition of Rural will be that which meets the goals of the endeavor. A Rural area is an open swath of land that has few homes or other buildings, and not very many people.

A Rural areas population density is very low. In a Rural area, there are fewer people, and their homes and businesses are located far away from one another. In general, Rural Americans tend to have higher rates of cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity as well as less access to healthcare which can negatively affect health outcomes.

Rural communities are also becoming more diverse racially and ethnically. Rural life synonyms, Rural life pronunciation, Rural life translation, English dictionary definition of Rural life. The Crossword Solver found answers to the Rural crossword clue. Rural yo Rural places are far away from large towns or cities. Rural communities need access to telemedicine opportunities and tools to fight the opioid epidemic. Preventing uncontrolled access to erroneously-prescribed medications requires pharmacies to be connected to what are normal heart rates controlled substances opioid registries, and Rural healthcare providers demand high-speed internet for distance learning and training on how to identify and treat addiction.

Is a list of Metropolitan counties in which we have identified certain Census Tracts that are considered Rural. Only the area of the identified tracts is considered How to increase your biceps in those Metropolitan counties. For further information, contact the Office of Rural Health Policy at The Flex Monitoring Team aims to improve the accessibility, viability and quality of health care for Rural residents and ryral through their evaluation.

The Rural life is comparatively quite calm and people have time for gossips and meetings with each other on a daily basis. In some cases Rural areas also got transformed into the urban area if the government fully works on the infrastructure, education and industrialization tk that area. As a part of USDA Rural Development, our mission is to be a cost-effective service provider that strives to help homeowners and their families remain successful homeowners throughout the term of the loan.

Synonyms for Rural in Free Thesaurus. The Rural Veterans Health Care Atlas is a comprehensive resource for Rural and Veteran stakeholders including, but not limited to, researchers, planners, and policy decision makers, rugal well as clinicians and patient care teams to enhance health care delivery to Rural …. There is a marked difference between the terms Rural and urban.

As words, both Rural and urban are adjectives. Rural is an adjective that describes things that have a connection to the countryside. Rural areas are often overlooked when it comes to resourcing, training, support, and mobilization. Life in Rural China differs from that of urban China. In southern and coastal China, Rural areas are developing and, in some areas, statistically approaching urban economies. In northwest and western regions, Rural.

Rural is the geographical region located in the outer parts of the cities or towns. The life in urban areas is fast how to create an email acc complicated, whereas Rural life is simple and relaxed.

On the other hand, the Rural settlement includes villages and hamlets. Rural areas are mostly deprived of the good educational institutions, good hospitals etc.

Suburban is the area in between the city and a village. The Census Bureau defines rural as any place that is located outside a dense urban area which is as an area with a population greater than 2, This is a more traditional definition of a rural area in that it focuses on population density.

Rural definition, of, relating toor characteristic of the countrycountry lifeor country people; rustic: rural tranquillity. See more. The difference between bow and urban can be summarized in the following manner:. More items Synonyms: country.


Rural means "relating to or characteristic of the country or the people who live there." If you move to a Rural area, you won't see a lot of skyscrapers or taxis — but you'll probably see a lot of trees. Jul 21,  · Examples of Rural in a sentence Despite being an occupied city, Dublin has the feel of a rural city. There are no private farms, except for the kitchen gardens of rural residents. The scene was rural and picturesque, very peaceful. use "rural" in a sentence. OSP was assisted at the scene by Rural Metro Fire and AMR medical. Cheryl has left the rural home she shared with her former boyfriend. He is a year old transboy who goes to Riverview Rural High School. "Rural Scotland has had enough, and so have businesses and consumers.

Definition of Rural. Examples of Rural in a sentence. My father and his friends often leave the city to go hunt game in rural areas. With the development of new farming machinery, life for those living in rural regions has changed dramatically.

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