How to setup network for h.264 dvr

how to setup network for h.264 dvr

H.264 DVR User Manual

Aug 25,  · learn how to setup a network on your z-series h dvr. H Network DVR User Manual GUI Display with USB Mouse Control Please read instructions thoroughly before operation and retain it for future reference. For the actual display & operation, please refer to your DVR in hand.

Forgot your password? The manuals Netwirk have been able to find have been pretty Defaults were and 80 for HTTP. I have since changed those ports but am still able to access so I know the ports themselves are working right?

Using the Lynksys router setup, I went to the gaming menu and set up port forwarding for the above ports. Restarted bothe router and DVR, double checked settings and attempted to access from outside my network.

No connection. I tried changing the ports on both the port forwarding and DVR what does on waivers mean case there was some interference with something that he already had set up.

Still nothing. The cable modem could settings in the modem be stopping an outside signal from accessing the router? He limits wireless clients to certain MAC addresses, if the h.24 computer is not on that list will that prevent access even though I am not using his g.264 network? Use that web site to check if the ports you have opened are actually reachable. I can tell you right now H. You need to determine nwtwork external IP and use that outside of your network like MindTwist stated.

The MAC address filtering is only for clients attempting to join the LAN, this will have forr affect on external connections, this is not to say the firewall will not block them, so Fr would suggest turn the firewall off until you get it working then enable it if it still works great, if not what is present value of an annuity need to change your firewall settings.

I did use canyouseeme. Somehow the port forwarding is just not getting through. My best guess is the cisco modem stopping things coming in before the router? Try changing port 80 to something else, your ISP may be blocking port 80 to prevent people from hosting web netork in their homes. I went in and manually entered my own port number for each, http, media, and netsork.

Set up the associated port forwarding and show an open port using canyouseeme. I have used every free app in the app store that I swtup find using the mobile port. There are some others but I don't want to pay just to try one ho and not have it work. None will connect to the cameras.

I have contacted the seller fro eBay that my friend purchased his system from He purchased the system quite some time ago so returning is not an option. I am uploading a picture from their eBay Has anyone had any luck setting up a system like the one pictured? The system itself is pretty nice and netwrok software is user friendly at least compared to my cheap system that HAS a name brand and some kind of support.

You say you can login, does this mean it is working correctly when you login over the internet, ie you are getting video or are you simply able h.24 login then a blank screen, this may mean you are missing a codec, plugin, or ActiveX control. What results are you getting on your netork phone? Perhaps if you could provide a screenshot of what you are seeing when seutp login through the web with internet explorer or hetwork browser of choice we may be y.264 able to help solve your problem.

Now I am just stuck with the mobile aspect. The activex settings have all been changed and are working fine. I have since received word that kmeye is the app they recommend. But still not getting though all the way. I pop up on my dvr as being an outside connection and it shows my iPhone ip. But I am still unable to get picture on the iPhone.

If you are unsure you can check this by going to your start menu on your computer selecting check run, type cmd and click enter. In the command prompt type ipconfig. Look for Gateway. If the Gateway is Also you will need to use the same SubNet Mask, which is typically Next find out what ports your DVR uses.

The easiest way to it how to setup network for h.264 dvr by reading the networj of your DVR. Look for the network section of it. To access ntwork Router, use the Default Gateway you just located, enter it into how to make a thump keg for moonshine web browser and then click the Enter.

A username and a password will be required, these vary depending on you router. Where it says Port 0 to 0 enter the same port number twice. Once you have added all the required ports to your router, you can go to canyouseeme. Sign up with change ip go to the dns manager section and sign up for a free DDNS which should look something like this example. Enter your new DNS in the address bar and the mobile port which you added to your router earlier.

Click save and go to live view. I can view videos internally IE on the intranet but can't get the streaming to work remotely. Can log on, but get blank or Quicktime logo buffering screens instead of video. You what you gonna do for me chaka khan to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Search In. Existing user? Sign in anonymously. Sign in to follow this Followers 1. Recommended Posts. Posted July 11, I am trying to help a friend set up his DVR system to be accessed over the interwebs. The DVR manufacturer is H.

Some things I think MIGHT be getting in the how to increase libido female are: The cable modem could settings in the modem be stopping an outside signal from accessing the router? Router Firewall disable and try? Any other suggestions I might try? Better ports to use for a H. Thanks for any help Kris. Share too post Link to post Share y.264 other sites.

Securame 0. SectorSecurity 0. Posted July 12, Posted July 18, The system itself is pretty nice and the software is user friendly at least compared to my cheap system that HAS a name brand and some kind of support Thanks again for your help.

Posted July 19, Posted June 4, Posted June 16, All comments and feedback appreciated. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Jun 15,  · - This video demonstrates the initial setup of our four channel H stand alone economy DVR. Please note that this D. Select Channel button for the camera channel. If you are connected to an 8- and channel system and the channel button is not shown, tap a Switch Channel Group icon (next group,, or previous group), to change the Select Channel buttons until the channel number is shown, then tap the button for the channel. Jun 16,  · Connect your DVR to your router Enter your DVR’s menu and go to networking to assign an internal IP and gateway this can be done automatically by selecting Local IP must be in the same Gateway range as the Router.

The Local Network setup has to be done first before you can set it up remotely. To find your specific settings for your network system and how to tell your DVR is communicating with your router, follow these steps:. The Default Gateway is your Router. This connects to your service providers Modem, which connects you to the Internet.

This number is very important as you will use it for 2 places in the Network Setup settings in the DVR. To get to the Network Setup settings. Next, change the MAC address so that your router does not have issues with it. Select Menu and then go to System :. To get to the letters,select the button on the right of the numbers. Let your DVR restart until you see the camera screens for the next steps. Now your DVR should be communicating with your router.

To verify that it is, follow the next steps. Go back into the Command Prompt and type: Ping If you do not get replies back and it says "Request Timed Out," double check your settings. Start over at the top of the Steps. Step 5: Connecting to the DVR. Home Local Network Setup. Here you will be able to find exactly what you need to set up your DVR on your network.

Step 1 : Finding the right settings To find your specific settings for your network system and how to tell your DVR is communicating with your router, follow these steps: Click on the Windows Start button and click Run In the Run dialog box, type the letters CMD and press the Enter button Once the command prompt pops up you should see a blinking cursor, type ipconfig and press Enter Step 2 : Write down the Settings So what does this tell you?

This example shows you that your IP is This is the number that represents the computer you are currently on Do not use this same address for the DVR. It also shows you that your Subnet Mask is: Lastly, you will see the Default Gateway. Write down this number , in this example it is: Here is an example of a Network Setup: After you have the correct settings, select Apply. It should show you that it is successful: Go ahead and Exit now.

You should see this: After you hit OK it will Restart. Select Menu and then go to System : Select Info. Move up to the MAC Address area. It should look like this: Apply the settings and Save it. Select OK and then choose Exit. After it restarts go to the next step. Click Install. It will take a second to install.

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