How to set the tide on a nixon watch

how to set the tide on a nixon watch

How to Set a Nixon Channel Tide Watch

manual for your Nixon watch How to Set the Time on a Nixon Watch Select your watch model below to learn how to set and change the time, date, chronograph, or use digital functions like tide and timers. Nov 03, Nixon Base Tide Pro Watch - me giving a quick tutorial on how to set Tide, Time, Alarm, and other settings using the Nixon buttons even includes a bonus Ni.

The Nixon brand, founded infocuses on high-end watches and other accessories designed for athletes, musicians and other style-conscious people. The Nixon Channel Tide watch is designed with tode and other water sports in mind, and provides a tide-tracking feature as a part of the watch. Setting the watch is not difficult, but requires care and closely following the instructions.

Unscrew the crown of the watch if needed - some models do not require thisthen pull the crown outward gently until it can no longer gow pulled. This is position 3. Rotate the crown clockwise in this position to advance the time. After the time is set, push the crown inwards until it clicks once. This is position 2. Turn the crown clockwise in position 2 to adjust the date forward. After how to calculate periods cycle have set the date, return the crown to hoa original closed how to set the tide on a nixon watch screwing it in if needed.

Consult the internet or a local surf shop for the local tide information. This will be important to set the initial local tide in your watch. Once you have this information, move to Step 5. Press and hold the TIDE button for three seconds. The TIDE button will be the button above the crown, near the two o'clock pointer on the watch face. After it beeps, release it. Push the button a second time to adjust the tide on the watch face. Once it has reached the proper setting, release the button and the tide will be set.

Consult the internet for your local moon phase information. Once you have this information, move to Step 7. Press and hold the MOON button for three seconds. This button is underneath the crown on the watch face, near the 4 o'clock pointer on the watch face. Push the button again to adjust the moon phase.

Once the phase is set correctly, releasing the button will set the moon phase. David Hicks has recently graduated with a sft degree in public affairs, with a focus on bioethics and social policy from a small private college in New York.

He has been writing for more than 10 years, and spent the last four technical writing while not mired in schoolwork. Professionally, Hicks has published material oj eHow, Answerbag and other websites. By: David Hicks. Sector Watch Instructions. Casio Atomic Watch Setting Instructions. How to Set the Alarm on The Timex Instructions for a G-Shock How to Set a Stauer Watch. How to Set the Date and Time on a Rolex Swiss Military Watch Instructions.

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May 10, Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch . Time 2 Display. SETTING SEQUENCE IS: Sec, Hour (4A), T2 Icon will be on (5A). Minute (4B), Year, Month, Date, 12/24H Format, WHEN TIME 2 IS ACTIVE, SET TIME AS NOTED TO THE. DST, Beach Zone (4C), Local Beach (4D). LEFT IN HOME TIME and HOME BEACH SETTING (5A) PRESS. water resistancy rating, or our website: OPERATIONS MANUAL THE BASE TIDE WARRANTY INFO Nixon offers a limited warranty of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years after original purchase from an authorized Nixon dealer. This means that if the materials in your watch arent right or if the.

If you have just purchased a Nixon watch or you need to remember how to set a watch that you already own, you can set it yourself with a little training.

Nixon watches have been around since their inception in , where they were designed for the sports-oriented crowd of surfers, skaters, and snowboarders. Set the time. Pull the crown winding stem out halfway. Adjust the hands in either direction to set the proper time. Set the date. Pull the crown all the way out. Turn the crown counterclockwise and set it to the correct date. If you want the date to be set to change at midnight, make sure you set it before noon. Set the day and date. Push in the crown so it is only halfway out.

Turn the crown clockwise to change the day. Turn the crown counterclockwise to change the date. Joshua Black is a business writer, copywriter and blogger who began his professional writing career in He has written numerous eBooks and has articles published on various websites and ezines on topics in small business, marketing, sales and sports.

By: Joshua Black. Push the crown all the way in and screw it down if your watch has that option. Turn the crown clockwise to set the time. How to Set a Seiko Watch. How to Change the Time Zone on a How to Set a Festina Watch. How to Set a Rolex Day-Date. How to Change the Date on a Rolex. How to Set the Day on an Analog Timex How to Set the Date on a Coleman Watch. How to Set My Casio Illuminator. How to Reset a Timex Watch's Perpetual Instructions for a Fossil Adjust-O-Matic.

Instructions for a G-Shock How to Set a Citizen Watch. How to Change the Date on a Luminox Instructions for Setting a Timex 8 Lap Instructions for a Casio AW Watch. References Nixon: User's Manual.

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