How to say high five in french

how to say high five in french

How to Say Five in French

How to say high five in French. French Translation. tape m'en cinq. Find more words! "Something as simple as a high five or a hug is a huge step for an athlete, and from there you can watch them grow." «Un geste aussi simple qu'un " tape m'en cinq " ou une accolade represente un pas enorme pour un athlete, et a partir de la, vous pouvez le voir grandir.

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Gift Drops. Too English high ih. More Etiquette Vocabulary in French. American English. I compliment. I wave. I apologize. Frendh hold the door. I tip my hat. Example sentences. American English He gave his friend a high five to thank him for his hard work.

Hungarian pacsi. Castilian Spanish chocar los cinco. Italian darsi il cinque. German das Abklatschen. Brazilian Portuguese toca aqui. Danish highfive. Swedish high five.

Norwegian high-five. Tagalog apir. Esperanto alt-frapo. Dutch de high five. Icelandic fimma. Indonesian tos. British English high five. Mexican Spanish chocar las manos. European Portuguese trench cinco. Other interesting topics in French. Ready to learn French? Language Drops is a fun, visual language learning app. Learn French free today. Enjoying the Visual Dictionary? You'll love the full Drops experience! Grow your teams language skills with Drops Business! Drops Courses Learn Ainu.

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Ready to learn "High five" and 17 other words for Etiquette in French? Use the illustrations and pronunciations below to get started. French Translation of “high five” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over , French translations of English words and phrases. Sep 16,  · A "high five" is "une tape dans la main", Give me a high five! = Tape m'en cinq Or just "high-five!" = "Tope la" La means "here / there", not call, bawl, shriek . so it's like saying "Hit me /.

Are you wondering how to say "five" in French? The word for "five" is very easy and actually sounds really similar to an English word you already know. The key to pronouncing it correctly is to use the "nasal i" similar to the nasal sound in words like pain. The word for five in French is "cinq" and is pronounced fairly closely to the English work "sank. Once you've mastered "cinq," you are ready to move onto more complex ideas!

Some people might want to know how to say "five" in French so that they can use "cinq" in expressions like "Give me five. However, this would be a faux pas. The French do not give 'high fives' nor is there an equivalent expression for "give me five.

The French, although considered more formal in society, are definitely more comfortable with physical contacts. In a situation where a high five might be appropriate in America like after a good game for example , the French are more likely to hug. Likewise, "giving five" might be expressed by a kiss on the cheek. But either way, it's probably better to pass up the opportunity unless someone offers you the first hug or kiss. Luckily, using "cinq" in French is pretty straightforward. Here are a few other places you'll see the word "cinq" being used:.

How to Say Five in French The word for five in French is "cinq" and is pronounced fairly closely to the English work "sank. Giving a High Five?

Other Occasions to use "Cinq" Luckily, using "cinq" in French is pretty straightforward. Here are a few other places you'll see the word "cinq" being used: It is five o'clock- Il est cinq heures. It is five fifty-five- Il est six heures moins cinq. OR Il est cinq heures cinquante cinq. A popular tongue twister is: Cinq chiens chassent six chats.

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