How to replace a sprinkler control valve

how to replace a sprinkler control valve

How to Replace a Sprinkler Control Valve

Jan 11,  · A step by step tutorial on how to replace or upgrade a sprinkler valve. No more leaky this, and all the things we've used on DoItYourselfDad here. Jun 29,  · In this video I replace four valves in a sprinkler manifold. Step by step instructions. Parts in the video are iScaper1.

The valves that are included in a lawn and garden irrigation system control water flow to specific zones within the system. These control valves are typically located inside a valve box, which may contain how to get osap with bad credit or more valves, depending on the system layout.

Common symptoms of a faulty valve include:. Replacing a valve is a fairly job that requires basic plumbing supplies, though it does require some experience with joining PVC pipe with solvent cement. The most important part of this project is getting an exact replacement part for the sprinkler valve. Determine the type and size of the valve, or remove it and bring it what does ashley judds husband do for a living the store with you.

When selecting the new valve, make sure the PVC adapters fit the valve sockets before leaving the store. These adapters have a male threaded end to attach to the valve and a female slip-fit end designed to be solvent-glued to the PVC irrigation pipe. Shut off the water to the irrigation system by rotating the valve handle on the main supply pipe of the system. The valve is closed when the handle is perpendicular to the pipe. If there is no shutoff valve for the irrigation system, you may have to shut off the water at the home's main shutoff or the water meter.

Note where the low-voltage wires are attached to the old sprinkler valve. This is important because you must connect the wires to the new valve in the same way. It's a good idea to arrange the wires so that each can be seen clearly, then take a photo of the wiring with a smartphone or digital camera. When you're ready, disconnect the wires from the sprinkler valve.

Cut as close as possible to the old fittings to conserve the maximum amount of pipe length. The new sprinkler valve will be only slightly lower than the old one.

Remove all plastic burrs around the cut edges with a utility knife or sandpaper, being careful not to let the debris drop into the pipes.

Install the new PVC male MIP adapters into the new sprinkler valve by wrapping plumber's tape around the threaded end of each adapter and threading it into one a valve socket.

How to replace a sprinkler control valve the adapters with tongue-and-groove pliers, being careful not to over-tighten them, which can crack the plastic parts.

Apply PVC primer and solvent glue to the insides of the female adapter sockets and the outsides of the pipe ends, following the manufacturer's instructions. Fit the new valve onto the pipes, pushing down until the pipes are seated fully into the adapter sockets.

Let the PVC solvent glue dry as directed by the manufacturer usually two hours before testing. Connect the wires to the new valve in the same configuration that was used with the old valve.

Turn the water back on by slowly rotating the shutoff valve's handle so it is parallel to the supply pipe. Check the valve and all connections for leaks. Verify that you installed the wires correctly by making sure the timer works with the new valve. Actively scan device characteristics for identification.

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Signs You May Need a Sprinkler Valve Repair

Feb 20,  · A problem with the control valve is one of the more common reasons for an irrigation zone to continue to run after the end of its cycle. This could be a defe. Feb 13,  · If you’re replacing an outdoor controller, remember to protect the wires with a ? to 1-inch conduit or PVC pipe. Secure the pipe to the controller box with a male-adaptor and a locking nut. Next, connect the valves and sensor wire to the power supply. Run the wires through the bottom of the cabinet and secure them in place with a locking nut. Oct 15,  · The Orbit expert gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to replace a sprinkler valve replacement solenoids here:

Automatic irrigation systems have a lot of moving parts by design, all of which need to be in good working order for the system to be effective in delivering the water that your lawn and garden need. Valves are important parts in any sprinkler system because they control the water flow by opening and closing. Before determining whether to repair your sprinkler valve system, you must first check to see if there are any damaged wires or coils. The following steps will help you determin which, if any, parts could be the root cause of your malfunctioning sprinkler system.

Because many irrigation system valves are located underground, trouble with them can be difficult to identify. You can also ask your local home store about buying or renting a solenoid activator or a valve detector.

There are also different valve types, such as mechanical, electric, hydraulic, or a combination. Before you start working on your valves, consult your installer to find out what kind of valves your system uses.

When you locate the valve, inspect it carefully. In addition to looking for debris , check the valve seat and gasket for any tears or deterioration that could be interfering with its proper operation. Sometimes the source of valve problems may actually be an electrical or wiring problem. If you think this might be the situation, check to make sure that all the wires are making good connections and contact.

Look for cuts, breaks, damage, or fraying in the wires. Always shut off the power source at the control box and take extreme care when working with any electrical component. Call a qualified electrician if you have any questions or are not sure how to proceed. Turn off the power and water. To replace a solenoid sprinkler, turn off the water to the system and turn off electricity to the system at the control panel.

Temove the solenoid connectors and assembly. Locate and open the valve box. Unscrew the solenoid connectors and remove the assembly. Reattach the solenoid. Reattach the repaired or replaced solenoid with waterproof wire connectors to the assembly with a screwdriver, and connect to the main valve.

Turn the power and water back on. If you notice areas in your lawn and landscape that are either wilting, losing their color or that seem to be receiving too much moisture, take note of the zone and do some sprinkler system troubleshooting.

In addition to keeping an eye on your turf and landscape plants, make a point to regularly observe the different zones of your sprinkler system while it is in operation. This will give you an opportunity to spot or repair sprinkler valves and other parts before they have a chance to do any damage to your grass and plants. Preventative maintenance checks may also help you hold down sprinkler system costs by saving money on wasted water due to leaks and other operational issues.

All Rights Reserved. Request Service. Get Started. I'm a Buyer. I'm a Seller. MyAccount Live Chat Home Warranty. Get a Quote. About Call Us. I'm a service contractor. I'm a real estate professional. Request Service Now. Finding a Sprinkler Valve Because many irrigation system valves are located underground, trouble with them can be difficult to identify. Check Your Sprinkler System Wires Sometimes the source of valve problems may actually be an electrical or wiring problem.

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