How to read hs code

how to read hs code

Teach Yourself How to Read the Harmonized Tariff Schedule

HS Codes and how to read them Chapter. Starting with the broadest section, the first two digits of an HS code is referred to as an HS-2, which Heading. The second set of digits the HS-4, which directs to a more specific group within the previous chapter. Sub-heading. The most specific of all the. Nov 12,  · Reading the HTS: Unit of Quantity. This is the US Customs acceptable measure of quantity for a product. This measurement must be reflected on your commercial invoice. Reading the HTS: Rates of Duty. The Rates of Duty Column determines the amount of duty you will have to pay on an imported product.

HS code or Harmonised System code is an internationally recognised coding system for countries to classify traded goods via the labelled coded cargo. An HS code consists of 6 digits, which can be broken down and translated into information and descriptions of the goods being transported. HS codes are particularly important when importing goods for trade, going through customs clearance, and for warehousing and storage. HS codes are a minimum of 6 digits, which match up to product descriptions.

These descriptions start as broad categories, narrowing into more specific detailed hyponyms. Starting with 21 categories, these categories are then split hhs 99 chapters with the exception of a few chapters, such as chapter 77 for future use, chapters 98 and 99 to be used for national use, and chapter 99 which is limited to temporary modifications.

Starting with the broadest section, the first two digits of an HS code is referred to as an HS-2, which identifies the type of goods. The second set of digits the HS-4, which directs to a more specific group within the previous chapter.

The most specific of all the digits is the sub-heading, HS The sub-heading describes the product in more detail, i. Should there be any additional information to be added, appropriate coded numbers are added after the sub-heading.

For example, if a specific country of origin for products such as coffee is needed, further additional numbers can account for this. Next Mode of transport:. Air Sea Road Rail What are you shipping? I agree reaf these terms. Back Next Finally, your details:. How do you read a. HS code? HS code is split into the four following: Chapter Starting with the broadest section, the first two digits of an HS code is referred to sh an HS-2, which identifies the type of goods.

Heading The second how to edit my pdf of digits the HS-4, which directs to a more specific group within the previous hw. Further digits Should there be any additional information to be added, appropriate coded numbers are added after the sub-heading. Fresh or dried Subheading 40 : Avocados 00 00 00 : These are additional digits or subdivisions for national purposes.

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Reading the Harmonized Tariff Schedule - Part 2; Special Harmonized Tariff Schedule Provisions; The average time to complete this course is 3 hours. You may complete the course more quickly or more slowly depending on your experience and individual learning style. Jun 26,  · The Harmonized Tariff Schedule. The first step to figuring out “what” and “from where” to import comes by learning how to read the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. The HTS is a HUGE catalog that categorizes imports by number and then assigns their respective duty rates. It involves knowing your product and poring over the mammoth text known as the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States. If you get it wrong, you could face serious penalties and fines from Customs. To get it right, you need to know how to read the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (known as HTS).

Use this HS and harmonized tariff code list lookup tool to find the six-digit Harmonized Codes for international shipping and accurately classify your goods for global trade. This Harmonized System calculator provides duty estimates where applicable. Click here to find out more about duty estimates. The system was first implemented in and is currently maintained by the World Customs Organization. The HS Convention, signed in , has over member countries.

As signatories, each country agrees to classify its HS tariff code and duty structure according to the HS Code categories. The Harmonized System is used to ease global trade by creating unified categories to classify different types of goods. The Harmonized System categorizes about 5, commodity groups in simple six-digit codes, broken down into 21 Harmonized System sections, 96 Harmonized System chapters, and thousands of headings. There are 21 distinct sections that split into 96 chapters.

Exception chapters include chapter 77, which is reserved for future use, chapters 98 and 99, which are limited to national use, and Chapter 99, which is a specific code limited to temporary modifications. The heading dictates the specific category within any particular chapter. In the example above, the 01 refers to coffee.

The last two digits of the international Harmonized Code are more specific, defining subcategories of products. For example, caffeinated coffee beans are Incidentally, instant coffee would fall under a totally different heading — 21 — for miscellaneous edible preparations. Countries can use an additional digits for country-specific categorizations. The in the above example is used for non-organic coffee.

Since these digits are unique, non-organic caffeinated coffee in another country would begin with the same 6 digits but the last four digits would likely be different. Use this number for import paperwork and electronic filing. Schedule B codes are used for export categorization. Use this number for export paperwork and EEI filing. However, for determining duty rates and statistical purposes, some countries break the classification down further by adding numbers after the six digits.

There are 21 Harmonized System Sections — the highest level of customs tariff code categorization. This HS code list is used to unify broad categories, like different types of vegetables Section II, chapters These sections are dictated by the WCO and are unified across every member country.

The 21 HS Code sections include the following:. HS and HTS Codes are used by customs and logistics providers for a variety of purposes, from calculating duties and tariffs to ensuring that an importer is not importing banned or hazardous products. The true value of HS Codes is how globally recognized they are. Since the Harmonized System Code uses very specific words, it may be easier to browse HS codes instead of searching.

Once you find the right HS code, enter the value of your shipment. Freightos Group Solutions Freightos. Shipping with Freightos Why Freightos? Compare international freight rates. Related Content Freight Class Calculator. Freight Forwarder: Understanding Costs and Fees. We use cookies yum to deliver personalized services. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies as per our Cookie Policy.

Vegetable Products. Animal or Vegetable Fats and Oils. Prepared Foodstuffs. Mineral Products. Chapters 39 and Pulp of Wood or of Other Fibrous Material. Natural or Cultured Pearls.

Precision Instruments. Arms and Ammunition. Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles.

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