How to program pro 164 scanner

how to program pro 164 scanner

trying to download scanner software pro 164

Programming the Sub-Banks (Saving Talk Group IDs) Press PROG, then press TRUNK to enter the ID program mode. Press FUNC, then use UP or DOWN ARROW to select a bank. Repeatedly press MODE to select a trunking mode (Motorola, EDACS, or LTR). Repeatedly press TRUNK to select the sub-bank. Press . Jan 31,  · Normally when powering you would not see that Boot Ver message. The process to program the firmware requires powering the scanner, connecting that cable between the PC/IF jack on the scanner and a USB port on your PC. I believe the program you have (Radio Shack __Vexe program) is what you run.

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Joined Nov 9, Messages Provram evansville wi. I have tried to download a software, ARC, but I got a screen that just baffled me with out any instructions. I unistalled and now wondering if this is exceptionely, hard or I am not seeing what they claim, when trying to program a Pro Looks like the download for drivers worked, using XP. I am at a loss. Where do the frequencies I want to program show up.

Where is the help section. I can't find out where my frequencies downloads come from unless I download premium RR. Last edited: Apr 16, Get the cable working. This involves plugging the cable into your PC's USB port, getting the correct driver loaded, and finding out the COM port that was assigned to the cable. There are a tl programs that can be used to program this scanner. None of them do the thinking for you, they simply provide a means to "see" a broad overview of what will get sent to the scanner; and enable you to send it to the scanner, or read it back.

Once you understand the scanner, then you can load each of the programs designed to work with it but I'd avoid ScanCat[lite] at all costs as it will cause you even more grief. Each program comes with a 30 day free trial, and what one person finds "easy to use" may not be as easy as another program to someone else.

The process of typing can be largely reduced or eliminated with the RR subscription, and the use of the programs' "import" function. But if you don't understand how to operate the scanner, it will all look very confusing to you. I also realize that the standard manual may not be the best. But you can go to the Wiki section here on RR and that will lead you to an "easier to read" version.

Good luck. I would recommend reading the following note that anything in blue, both here and in the wiki, is one scanjer of a link or another Thanks, I guess at 60 it would be a lot easier for me to program. I might just have to sell all this stuff I bought and use my Pro79, I have to to do the same thing, no time really gained and it's analog anyway. Trunking I have to ask myself is ot worth it. So you may see some good deals up, for another one bow many follies. Thank you alot for telling me I am gaining nothing, just spending more dollars.

I appreciate it. Oh I have read the manual several times, there is really nothing about uploading form software. Thnaks again. Muskie Mike. N8IAA Member. Thanks for the encoragement, but I always thought technology would make it easier. Like I look for a baragain here. In fact right now the damn thing is telling me all channels are locked!!!

LOL on me even that stalker thying doesn't work except for some delivery trucks some where. May be I'll get some sleep. Every what year penny has the most copper I reda those links, which by the way is not the 1st, How to say fourth of july in spanish feel more ignorant proram before.

I should take up scannner. I really just storm spot and try find out who's getting a DWI. I can see how the scanner can be programmed, but when i do i cabn't seem to find the programs. I would like to tag them to, it makes it easier to know w ho I'm listening to. Larry one other thingI have a PR0 So I really have to take a leap to catch up.

It would be easier if I had a progrxm I could just go from one to the other.

Oct 26,  · To Text Tag an ID: 1. In Manual mode select any channel of the bank you want to text tag an ID in by entering the bank number and channel number. (Ex: ) then press 2. Press TRUNK (each time) to select the ID list (0 - 4). 3. Select the ID# (0 - 29) by pressing ^ or Ў (or press and. Dec 14,  · I simply recorded myself programming my Pro Scanner for Troup County, GA.. I normally would not program my scanner with all of these banks, but I was giv. Mar 18,  · I will show you how to program the Motorola Type II trunking system in the scanner. Also it will work for the GRE PSR because they are the same scanner.

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What do I have to do to program this PRO? Thread starter M00N Start date Jan 29, M00N Member. Joined Dec 21, Messages 7. Hello and sorry for opening a new programming thread. I took me a while to understand that message means that the scanner needs to be updated I did not know radios needed to be updated The oldest tech I have is my gameboy SP. Gosh; all I wanted is to hear ATC, didn't expect so many troubles. Raphael; El Salvador. Swipesy Member.

Pro - The RadioReference Wiki. M00N said:. Can you help me get out of my ignorance and point some actions to program this thing please? It sounds like the scanner you got not only needs to be programmed with channel information , it sounds like it also needs to be programmed with its firmware.

Normally when powering you would not see that Boot Ver message. Follow what it tells you. When you get past this point, you should see a "sign on message" when you power the scanner. Since you wouldn't have channels programmed at that point, if you do press SCAN, it will display something like "No channels to scan". I believe there's a group there where you could search the air band. I would try removing the stereo to mono adapter from the cable. I also found this pdf with instructions.

Joined Jan 27, Messages Location middletown, pa. You should NOT need that pigtail. Once the scanner is successfully programed with firmware, it will need a power cycle. As long as the cable is plugged into the scanner, when running properly, it will display " That's when you can attempt to connect to it with WIN I call this a success; I commented to someone that today morning I listened ATC from a 1km nearby airport; It is more than a year since I got the PRO with the firmware problem; I posted here the issue a year ago; so I am happy with the result.

Of course I need to learn how to program the banks, because I have to manually type each freq I want to listen. You must log in or register to reply here.

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