How to preserve battery life on samsung galaxy s3

how to preserve battery life on samsung galaxy s3

5 Tips to boost and save battery on Samsung galaxy S3

Oct 27, Preserve Battery Life on Your Jelly Bean-Powered Samsung Galaxy S III Disable Drainers. The new Jelly Bean rollout comes with a bunch of new features including Google Now. While the YouTube Factory Reset. You Author: Osas Obaiza. Jun 10, Tips to Extend Galaxy S3 Battery Life. It is natural for a smartphones battery to decline over time, but there are a few simple things you can do to help you save battery on Samsung Galaxy S3. Switch to Power Saving Mode If you go into your S3s settings and locate the Power Saving Settings, you can turn on Power Saving Mode. This will enable you to select options that will /5(K).

We have to know the most battery power drain from this phone is LCD screen and 3G data connections. We should try to reduce our LCD screen or do not make the maximum brightness level. Maybe once or in some special case we need to make the LCD brightness adjust to maximum, but for daily usage, better to setup as minimum as we can. We batttery configure or adjust the brightness lower but acceptable with our eyes in some conditions. If you can, do not turn Auto Brightness level.

Using 3G will make the battery drain faster. Please use 2G if we need more longer battery life, especially when we are away from power charger.

But we have to know, using 2G data connection type will make the data transfer speed will be more slower then using 3G, but the power consumption at 3G will make battery drain faster. If we do not use these kind of communication connection, please turn it off to reduce the battery drain and make galxxy phone battery work more longer.

This is safe our battery performance. When we download some applications from Google Play Store, some of them will run in the background to wait the command or wait for data update from Internet. Some applications have their own setting to reduce the battery drain because when that applications use network too much for update, then the phone will use preseeve battery as well. There for we should choose only important applications for download.

We can also consider to do hard reset or master format if we want to refresh the applications installation from beginning. Please note, not all applications will be listed at this menu. When what is the death penalty in ncaa football first time we use discharged battery empty batterywe need to charge about 4 hours until the battery capacity full.

Please only use the Samsung original power charger. Using Samsung original power charger will safe our phone while doing charging. Usually the battery life will last about 2 years for normal use. Maybe we can find some other cheaper battery in the market, but this is very risky if we use 3th party samsugn price battery or non original battery, because the original battery have some circuit that will keep the phone safe for some accident while use or connected to original charger.

This is Android smartphone with 6. For some users samzung This phone does not have 5G data Name required Mail required Website. Home About Community. The information from this page describe about galaxy s3 screen battery drain,how to samsung mini s3 hiw last longer,how to save battery for Samsung galaxy 3 mini phone,how to save battery I Samsung galaxy mini 3 phone. If you need another resource for hard battefy, use search function at this homepage or find from our related posts.

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Jun 08, Watch our list of tips on how to maximize your battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S III. Truth be told, this phone packs a lot of features, and none of these Author: Pocketnow. Aug 07, One of the simplest way to prolong your device battery life is to reduce the screen brightness, and here's how you can do it: 1) From the home screen > swipe down from the top to view the notification panel 2) Drag the brightness slider towards the left 3) At the same time, adjust the screen. Improve Battery Saving of SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I by setting Network menu. At SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 MINI I we can choose to use 3G or 2G network type. Using 3G will make the battery drain faster. Please use 2G if we need more longer battery life, .

In this week, my Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone uses its battery too quickly. Actually, if I do have used this Samsung phone to play a game or the likes, the battery power left could be much lower. Do you know why my Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery drains so fast? How can I change this?

Thanks for any advice here! Hello, friends! In these days, many popular android smart phones, like the popular HTC cell phone , LG mobile phone and more, drain their inserted battery quickly, especially when you do have opened too many games or applications, viewing videos or photos, listening to music and even editing documents at the same time. Instead, as long as you do have set your phone well and use your phone under the guide of some power saving tips, you are really possible to extremely prolong your android phone battery life.

So, just keep on reading this article to know more:. Generally, people often find their Samsung android phone battery drains too fast due to several reasons as below: 1.

Have not charged your android phone completely every time when you are stuck in phone low power issues? If so, it could be really possible for you to have a too short battery life. High Usage. You do have used many programs, files and functions at the same time? That could reduce your phone power very quickly.

Android phone battery issues. Of course, such problems also happen to android phone users when these phone batteries get problems. Overall, no matter why your cell phone battery drains too quickly, go manage your phone resources reasonably.

Here are several suggestions for you to fix such android phone battery draining too fast issues:. Charge your android phone completely whenever it is in low power. No matter how urgent your situation is, always charge your Samsung android phone completely whenever it is in low power. Please Note : If you need to extract the phone battery out for charging, you are also supposed to shut down this android phone safely to avoid damaging android phone memory card and cause worse phone SD card or Micro SD card data loss troubles.

Please Note : As with different android phones, the ways to set the phone Power Saving mode may vary. Go set it based on your own phone system conditions. Open too many unused tools or functions also water phone power.

So, go turn off wi-fi, Bluetooth, 3G, location services and more functions when you do not use them. Just adjust the screen brightness and automatic screen timeout based on your needs. Of course, in daily use, to waste no any extra battery power, also disable some automatic notifications of your Samsung phones and installed programs.

Of course, there are also more things that you can do to save your phone power. Just explore it according to your own experiences. Manage your android phone apps and games well And up to now, you can try to mange your android phone applications, games and tools well to save your phone battery power. Firstly, close all unused ones, even some running on the background The unused games, programs and progresses running on the background also use your phone battery power mutely.

Go close them all timely. Please Note : In case that you will delete phone memory card files accidentally while removing some applications or tools, go back up all important android phone data in advance. Update your Android phone operating system timely In these days, the operating system of your android phone is also improved for users to save battery power. So, update your phone OS timely. Use a high-qualified battery If such problems are aroused by damaged or failed phone battery, remember to change a high-qualified battery for future use.

All in all, go prolong your Samsung Android phone battery life smoothly. Download 4Card Recovery. Here are several suggestions for you to fix such android phone battery draining too fast issues: 1. More Related Articles You May Like memory card reader not working on windows 7 computer - solution to repair the error that memory card reader does not work in windows 7 pc

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