How to organize a silent auction event

how to organize a silent auction event

How to Run a Silent Auction Fundraiser

Everyone enjoys a benefit event. You dress up in your finest attire, sip cocktails and nibble on hors d'oeuvres with the hope of a silent auction -- all in the name of a good cause. What makes a silent auction a good idea for your next fundraising event? It’s a great way to showcase an array of fantastic prizes while still allowing people to mix and mingle. Use the Silent Auction Bid Sheets, completing one for each item. Purchase any items needed to execute the silent auction. Track any expenses incurred (i.e. baskets to display items, ribbon, etc.), saving your original receipts. Step 7: Execution of silent auction at your event .

COVID is here, and nonprofit fundraisers are scrambling to adapt. A quick note: In this article, much of our advice is going to refer to our silent auction platform and the Hoow app donors use to participate in auctions.

Keep your communications positive! Your donors are being inundated with worrisome news reports and are probably worried and nervous. Stand out by presenting your backup plan in a positive light. Build a plan for your outreach efforts how to make a batery includes:.

The main points to communicate to your donors are simple: the coronavirus may prevent you from hosting a large, in-person event, but there are plenty of ways to virtually come together to support your community! If you have, you know aucgion engaging live video can be! Your aucrion attendees might not be able to go to your venue, but live video can offer tons of engagement opportunities.

Consider using live video to:. Take steps to mitigate that kind of disruption by:. If you were already using a digital silent auction platform, you probably already have your items built on your platform so people could use their phones or computers to bid at your auction.

They can still bid that way! When donors are bidding on items or making donations on your event page, give them a shout out or interact with them somehow.

Once you get started, what is the story of turandot the opera are tons of opportunities to engage people as they interact with your event. Some fun ideas include:. Digital silent zuction are already becoming increasingly popular, and part of that is because they allow people oranize participate even if aucton have to miss the event itself.

They sent me the Spotify playlist that was going what day does true blood air play what jobs are available with a human services degree the party, we all shared selfies using a hashtag for the party, and I toasted the birthday boy with auctikn at midnight, just like my friends akction.

There are tons of ways to get creative and make this virtual event a real party for your supporters. Use your livestream to count down to a community toast.

They do that for a reason—people love hearing their names! Trying to encourage donations in addition to bids? Offer incentives! Maybe everyone who donates over a certain amount gets a raffle ticket for aauction special item.

Maybe you do something goofy if someone donates at a certain level or you reach a milestone. Anything you can do to encourage participation is a plus!

First thing is kind of meh, evebt it gets more entertaining the more they raise. I have never seen people so excited about raising money! Get creative! Everyone watching the stream can see a real-time representation of getting closer and closer to a goal as donations come in. Donors love a good campaign thermometer. Watching your thermometer creep closer and closer to a goal is exciting! We talk to nonprofit fundraisers every day, and we know that many of you are scrambling to adjust your events and fundraising campaigns as the coronavirus pandemic develops.

You make a efent difference in the world. Your work is important. Many organizations are shifting their in-person events to virtual formats and utilizing mobile giving and text messaging to engage their donors. Abby Jarvis is a blogger, speaker, and general nonprofit nerd. Donation Forms. Event Registration. Text Fundraising. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. Auctions Fundraising. Handheld Kiosks. Integrations Overview. Auftion Orgs. Fundraising Webinars. Fundraising Blog. Resource Center. Customer Experience.

Customer Satisfaction. Customer Stories. Forms We Love. Written By Abby Jarvis. Share this article. Here are four tips you can use to throw a virtual silent auction event! BBBS reviewed their auction items, answered questions in real time, and generally made the viewing and bidding experience exciting and interactive. This was a great way to get people orgqnize Some BBBS supporters gathered to stream the event together.

This was a fun how do i make an international call to australia for them to enjoy the party while staying away from large groups of people. Encourage your guests to have fun with how they how to organize a silent auction event with you and each other! The team did a great job getting people engaged.

They eveent toasted their viewers! Digital raffles are fun! People could buy a bottle of wine on their app. Staff pulled a cork from their bucket and the buyer got the bottle of wine that corresponded to the number on the cork.

This was streamed on Facebook live, too! Learn More.

Simple List for How to Run a Silent Auction Fundraiser:

Apr 13,  · A silent auction is an event that is typically held by fundraisers and charitable organizations. It normally takes place without an auctioneer. In a silent auction, items are displayed to the attendees and each item has a bid sheet. Participants place their bids silently on the bid sheet using a bidding number on their favorite Sally Aquire. A silent auction is a classic fundraising event in which guests place bids on items you’ve procured. Using paper bid sheets or mobile bidding software, bidders compete to win their favorite items and packages. When time’s up, the highest bid wins the item, and your organization receives the proceeds. Steps to organize a silent auction. Establish where the silent auction will be. Generally you hold a silent auction in conjunction with another event that draws a crowd, for example, a summer festival, a dinner, a concert, a carnival or a town/church cook out etc. Create a bid sheet for each item (click here to see an example bid sheet).

Request a consultation with OneCause to see how we can take your auction to the next level! A top performer at charity events continues to be the silent auction. Nonprofits of all sizes look to the silent auction to fuel their fundraising and fund a portion of their missions. Donors love the excitement and suspense of winning an item, and they take comfort in the fact that their bidding will support a cause they care about.

We are going to dive into the nuts and bolts of how to run a silent auction. This comprehensive guide will give you the step-by-step tools you need to make your next silent auction the best yet. A silent auction is a fundraising process in which bids are placed on items during a set timeframe. After the auction closes, the highest listed bidder for each item wins.

Traditional silent auctions have paper bid sheets where bidders manually write their bids on each item. With mobile bidding , the silent auction donors can bid from their smartphones anytime and anywhere. Not matter what you use, silent auctions are a great way to generate revenue, fun, and engagement at your special events.

But they require a good strategy and detailed planning to be done right. Here are the 9 steps to run your silent auction without a hitch:. Getting the planning right for your silent auction is the first step to success.

From themes, to budgets, and everything in between, you want to be equipped to take your fundraising to new heights. No one said you had to do it alone! Committees help divide and conquer planning tasks, making it easier to cover more ground and raise more funds.

They are the backbone to your auction success and needed to reach your fundraising goals. Look for people who have done it before and are passionate about the cause, are good at being on teams, and love to brainstorm ideas for your next auction.

Work together to:. A silent auction can only be as successful as the quality of its auction items. Priceless and engaging items excite your audience and raise more proceeds to fuel your mission. Think about the donor profiles in your database. Think to yourself: Which items would particularly excite this demographic of people? Be picky with the items you accept if you can. Analyze past auction data or go to other auctions in your community to help guide your procurement efforts.

To get started, you can generally count on these charity auction buckets to bring in big bids :. Make sure to communicate the retail value of your auction item to bidders on your bid sheet—item value is a huge factor in driving bidder. To bring in awesome items, create auction solicitation packets to send to businesses and past supporters to request auction donations.

Divide your efforts by business type, neighborhood, or auction item types to give the best bet of getting your wish list auction items. Create excitement about your event and bidding and winning potential auction items. Marketing your event will get bidders in the door and ensure you can generate the revenue needed to hit your goals.

To have a strong marketing strategy , you will need to:. The big day is here. Make a great impression on attendees by running a smooth and exciting silent auction! Running a smooth auction means you need to be organized effectively, have an efficient registration, and make the bidding as fun as possible.

Well, yes, but on-site organization is where you bring the silent auction planning together into your onsite masterpiece. The amount of volunteers you need to run your auction is dependent on the size of your event, setup of your venue, and in event fundraising activities you have planned. Take the time to assign your volunteers to the right roles. Remember this army of volunteers will have your back on event day! Take a moment before your event to put yourself in the shoes of the attendee. For most attendees, it will be the first time at the venue and some even the first-time bidding at a silent auction.

Your auction experience is only as good as your auction items are organized. In order to have a seamless and smooth experience for your guests, your team will need to be organized. Use a system that makes finding the silent auction items easy and fast. Here are two suggestions:. Like anything in life, having fun puts people in a good mood. Be sure to keep this in mind when planning your event.

Create an atmosphere that has energy and use a variety of communication strategies onsite to drive excitement! The silent auction checkout process has been to known to cause a headache or two with the combination of checkout, item pick up, and payment processing. Donors with a great experience at checkout are more likely to return for the same event next year and attend other fundraising galas for your organization.

Because of the paper driven process, the end of night process will require more people and volunteer power to keep checkout running smoothly. Take steps to prevent this so you will have less follow-up post-event:. Take a deep breath! All items are spoken for, and the last guest walked out the door with a smile on their face. Congrats on your successful event!

Thanking donors properly and promptly will extend the relationships you made at your silent into your larger fundraising efforts. Now, your job is to put this step-by-step guide into action and have your best silent auction to date.

Check out the resources below to find other tips and tricks that will kickstart your fundraising. Skip to content. Search for:. How does a silent auction work? How to Prepare for a Silent Auction Getting the planning right for your silent auction is the first step to success. Work together to: Choose a theme. This is the fun part of planning! Decide the vibe of your event. Will it be a casual golf outing or a black-tie gala?

What will resonate with your audience? What new elements can you add? Make sure to be inclusive and engaging to all audiences—returning and new donors alike. Set a goal. Auctions are popular because they can bring in a ton of donations, create awareness for your cause, and build a social community for your nonprofit.

Set your fundraising goal during the planning process. Break out revenue goals by event area e. This ensures you and your team know exactly what you need to raise at all stages of the fundraising journey.

Create a budget. Set a budget that is feasible for your nonprofit and your event to make sure your silent auction runs smoothly. Are you hosting an event that requires a large space? Are there any events or holidays that could potentially conflict with your event date? Brainstorm potential sponsors. Sponsorships take time to cultivate and secure, so outline a plan with your committee to: Outline a list of new sponsor targets Assign sponsor solicitors Create sponsorship levels and benefits Develop sponsor materials The earlier you start, the better chance you have to lock them in!

Step 2: Create Procurement Strategy A silent auction can only be as successful as the quality of its auction items. To get started, you can generally count on these charity auction buckets to bring in big bids : Travel package Signed memorabilia Gift baskets Custom artwork Make sure to communicate the retail value of your auction item to bidders on your bid sheet—item value is a huge factor in driving bidder.

To have a strong marketing strategy , you will need to: Select an event name. Create an event-specific hashtag. Develop a social media plan. Promote your event online. Send save-the-dates email and paper. Create on-site signage. Highlight your biggest auction items. Advertise your event in local press and news outlets. Volunteers The amount of volunteers you need to run your auction is dependent on the size of your event, setup of your venue, and in event fundraising activities you have planned.

On-site setup Take a moment before your event to put yourself in the shoes of the attendee. Create the perfect guest experience by taking time to setup: Arrange silent auction tables along the walls of the space. Display items in a way that appeals to the shopper in all of us.

Strategies to avoid hidden items: Good signage Items arranged in baskets Different levels of display Set up your bid sheets with the correct item. Paper silent auctions will have bid sheets beside each item. Mobile bidding, all item and donor information will be on accessible and bid on via phones. Auction Item System Your auction experience is only as good as your auction items are organized.

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