How to obtain a credit report on someone else

how to obtain a credit report on someone else

How Can I Get a Copy of Someone Elses Credit Report?

Jan 02, Yu can also buy their credit report from one of the many tenant screening companies but you will need to have their permission and cooperation. Proxy Ordering. You can also proxy order their credit report from any of the credit bureaus websites. Proxy ordering is when you are entering the other consumers personal information as if you were them. Dec 05, Obtain written permission from the person whose credit report you are seeking along with the person's social security number. According to, while businesses can, individuals cannot get a credit report for another person without her written permission.

The law regulates credit reporting and ensures that only business entities with a specific, legitimate purpose, and not members of the general public, can check your credit without written permission. The someonr surrounding the release of your financial information vary widely. Knowing when and why what do you mean by election manifesto can check your credit is important to retaining your privacy and making sure people aren't learning more about you than they should.

Read on to find out who can check your reports, what permissionif anythey need, and how to stay on top of keeping your personal information private. When you apply for somethinglike a new smeone of credit, a new job or an apartment rentalthe lender or business you're dealing with may want to look at your credit reports. They do this to evaluate your risk as a consumer and to gain insight into your obtaon financial dealings. In these cases, most entities are required to ask for your permission before pulling your credit reports.

The following are examples of entities that often request permission to check your credit as a result of an application or initiation of some sort of business relationship:. In most of the cases above, the entities will need your permission eelse request and view your credit reports. There are some situations, however, in which a business will check your credit through a soft inquiry, rpeort known as a soft pull, to determine whether you're eligible for a preapproved offer.

In many cases, businesses with a legitimate reason can initiate a soft pull without your permission. If you've received a targeted credit card offer in the mail, it was probably a result of a soft pull by a lender. Soft inquiries also occur when you check your own credit report or when you use credit monitoring services from companies like Experian.

These inquiries do not impact your credit score. Beyond soft pulls, there are other situations in which an entity may not need your permission to check your credit. According to the FCRA, some of those situations could be:. There is a section in your credit reports that tells you exactly who has checked your credit and when. Periodically monitoring your credit can help you understand who is looking at your credit reports and can help you make sure that no one is requesting your personal relort without your permission.

It can also help you avoid letting any fraudsters open bogus accounts under your name. You can elwe more about how to read your credit reports and can get a free copy of your credit reports and scores through Experian to learn more about how many inquiries, if any, appear in your credit file. Checking your own credit does not affect your credit score. Pulling your own reports is considered a soft ohtain and will not impact your score. Hard inquiriesor ones that are triggered by a new credit applicationremain in your credit reports for up to two years and have the potential rreport impact your score.

The effect they have on your score will depend on other features of your credit, but typically the impact, if any, will disappear or diminish within one year.

Be vigilant and make sure to check your credit often so you know who is viewing your credit reports. This can help you keep track of your credit applications reprot can also credot you from fraud, as a new hard inquiry could indicate that a fraudster tried to open an account in your name.

Make sure you read obtaib the fine print when applying for products or services and when inquiring about new credit. It may be unclear when a hard inquiry will be recorded as a result of an application or request, so it's helpful to read carefully to make sure you're not racking up inquiries without knowing it. If you're not sure who has checked your credit it the past two years, get a free copy of your credit report from Experian to see elss appears.

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Licenses and Disclosures. Advertiser Disclosure. By Stefan Lembo Stolba. What's on Your Credit Report? Get Your Free Report No credit card required. Latest Research. Latest Reviews.

Permissible Purpose

Sep 10, The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) lists the "permissible purposes" for obtaining a person's credit report. See the "Who gets your credit report" subject in the "Common topics list" on the Ask Max homepage for a complete listing. . You must provide written consent before a prospective or current employer can get a copy of your credit report. Determining eligibility for government benefits or licenses. A legitimate business need in connection with a transaction that you initiated, such as a rental application. Nov 08, How to go about obtaining the credit report. Before beginning your credit report research you need to take into consideration that you cant obtain a copy of another persons credit report without their permission, with the exception of certain is for a number of legal reasons related to privacy, and the federally mandated Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) will outline.

These situations are generally for the purposes of reducing financial risk on the part of the inquirer, saving money and even to assist someone when it comes to mitigating or offsetting trouble. These reasons can include:. As you can see, the underlying theme for these reasons has to do with protecting yourself or another individual.

These, and other, permissible reasons are outlined in the 15 U. This is for a number of legal reasons related to privacy, and the federally mandated Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA will outline the specifics regarding the aforementioned reasons. So, for example, if you are an employer and wish to run a background credit check on a potential employee, you need to follow the guidelines for employers set down by the FCRA.

The exceptions to the permission obtained rule occur when requesting the credit report for your child, if he or she is a minor, or if you have the power of attorney over the individual in question. One of the most important things when deciding to run a credit report check is to refrain from drawing any immediate conclusions from the report that is received. First of all, credit reports are not infallible and mistakes are common.

This is especially true when it comes to a report showing that an account is still open when, in actuality, it was closed by the account holder. Additionally, other circumstances may reveal negative credit issues that have occurred when an individual is in the process of securing a divorce. Posted on November 8, by Henry in Credit Monitoring. Get hot tips, exclusive deals and the latest news sent directly to you. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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