How to go to mulu national park

how to go to mulu national park

Exploring Mulu Caves at Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia

Apr 04, This remote wilderness area can realistically only be reached by flight. Maswings, a subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines, offers daily flights to Mulu from Miri, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. Kuala Lumpur is the main entry hub into Malaysia. From there you fly to the island of Borneo to one of the above mentioned ports. Transportation and getting to Gunung Mulu National Park. Miri, in Northeast Sarawak, serves as the main gateway for Gunung Mulu National Park. Malaysian Airlines (MASwings) operates scheduled services from Miri, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu to Mulu using 72 seater ATR72 aircraft.

Trekking in Gunung Mulu National Park was one of my best adventures but also one of my worst. So, that was pretty bad. The good thing is that when you exit the cave, you cross a deep river, so it all wash up. I did feel dirty for about three days after this though. It was also great because it made me push myself and get out of my comfort zone; which, I think, is one of the best parts about traveling.

Everything was beautiful, the cave, the jungle, the plants we saw carnivorous onesand the waterfall at the end of the trek. From my two years traveling in South East Asia, Borneo has been my favorite, for its wilderness, for its diversity, and for its unique culture. What I also loved about Mulu National Park is that they group you with other people to do the treks requiring a guide. Mulu National Park is literally in the middle of nowhere, the only way to access it is by flying.

When you fly over it, the view is spectacular, just the river meandering through a lush jungle. The park is famous for its pinnacles you can climb during a 3-day tour. Only what is the best refrigerator brand in india hikers can undertake this climb. The village there is small, and it mostly consists of guesthouses. People living there either work at the park or are linked to tourism. At the park, there are tons of different treks you can choose from.

Some easy, you can do on your own, some what are the symptoms of oesophageal cancer or longer.

You can trek to waterfalls, go on a night trek, a botanical trek, or visit caves. Check their website to see all the different what cruise line owned the titanic available. Mulu caves are must-sees, you should try to see at least one. Amongst the Mulu caves you can visit are:. Mulu can be visited year-round, the climate is more or less the same super humid.

During high season June, July, August, September and holiday periods make sure to book your accommodation and tours in advance. As I said, the only way in is by flying, or through the river if you have time and money to spend. Keep in mind when scheduling your trip that weather often impacts flights. Check flights here. Apart from the Marriott, accommodations are pretty basic.

Here are a few options:. AA Homestay: cheapest option, basic private rooms, some with private bath, great location 5-minute walk to the park and 1km from the airportclean, fresh at night.

The entrance fee is RM 30 for the 5-day pass 10 for children. Food is a bit more expensive from the rest of Malaysia but not that much. You should pack fruits and snacks before going as the price of those can be high in Mulu. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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About Gunung Mulu National Park

1) Get an early morning taxi from Miri to Kuala Baram. 2) Take the lunchtime express boat between KB to Marudi. 3) At Marudi, take a smaller boat to Long Terawan. 4) At Long Terawan hire a . Take stairs to enter the cave to marvel at the Monophilia Pendula endemic to Mulu. Clearwater is one of the biggest cave systems in the world, measuring over km in length. Swimming inside the cave is not permitted, however a cool down in the natural crystal-clear waters at the picnic deck is a must. Mar 29, Day 1: Arrive in Mulu, check into your accommodation and check in with the park to pay and pick up your entrance bracelet. Take a walk on the self-guided trails for a first glimpse, or do a night walk.

This remote wilderness area can realistically only be reached by flight. Kuala Lumpur is the main entry hub into Malaysia. From there you fly to the island of Borneo to one of the above mentioned ports.

Please allow for a flexible itinerary and flights to and especially from Mulu. Heavy rainfall may occasionally result in flight cancellations. Allow sufficient time to catch connecting flights and pre-booked activities. Subject to changes. All tourists entering the National Park must purchase a 5 day Pass. This provides unlimited entry for the period. Tickets are non-transferable. Please note that these regulations are mandatory These regulations are subjected to change as new info becomes available.

Booking will be essential to secure an entry into the Park. The Park is allowed pax in the HQ surrounds, which includes 30 pax maximum at Camp 5 and 6 pax maximum on the Summit Trails.

Social Distancing Policies impact the following:. Mulu can be visited all year round. Of course, being in a tropical rainforest please expect frequent cooling rains which brings the magic of the Rainforest to life. Each Mulu morning usually dawns with a clear sky and a temperature around 23 degrees.

Showers may last 30 60 minutes, but after the rain the air is cool and fresh, the evenings are usually fine. Please allow for a flexible itinerary and flights,to and especially from Mulu.

The Mulu weather is completely unpredictable and has a major influence over flights into and out of Mulu. Allow sufficient time to make deadlines for important connecting flights or pre-booked activities, that are non-refundable or coupled to expiry dates. June, July, August, September and holiday periods are usually busier than other times of the year. We recommend that at all times you should make bookings for accommodation and guides in advance to avoid disappointment.

Once the facilities are full and the guides booked then there is nothing we can do to help even though you have traveled a long way to visit. Mulu is remote and isolated. Light clothing for tropical weather, a very light shawl or jacket for the evenings. If you do overnight treks you will need enough changes of very light clothing because of excessive sweating.

Your clothes might also not get dry overnight. Only at Mulu summit will you need a warmer jacket and sleeping bag. Bedding for Camp 5 can be obtained from HQ for a refundable deposit. Mosquito nets can be rented at HQ. Very sturdy trekking boots work well for Mulu Summit, but not so on the plank walks.

For climbing the Pinnacles your best option will be rubber shoes for sale in Mulu Gallery or a softer non-slip shoe. See essential list with Extreme Adventures. Research Education. Plan Your Trip. Visiting or staying in the park for less than 5 days does not alter this fee. If your stay in Mulu World Heritage Area will be longer than 5 calendar days you are required to buy a second Park Entry ticket.

Malaysian citizens must present their Identity Card as proof of citizenship. Group sizes of tours will decrease , impinging on availability of certain tours please book in advance. Boat capacity will decrease max 3 to 4 pax per boat only. Some interpretations might be shortened due to the location caves Registration will be outside of the office; inhouse visitors will need to check in first and come back later after they freshen up.

If you had a Covid screening result, you are welcome to add it to your booking. During registration, visitors must consent to provide personal contact eg: mobile phone, email address, and flight details to ensure that the Health Authorities are able to track the person. Daily body temperature will be measured.

If the body temperature is over the normal limit, the visitor will have to provide full cooperation to quarantine and be subjected to a screening at Mulu Clinic at their own cost. Should the Doctor diagnose any risk in your condition, you will unfortunately have to interrupt your visit to the Park but will be eligible for a refund. Visitors of 70 years and over with cardio respiratory conditions will be not considered fit to visit Mulu National Park, due to lack of medical facilities in the immediate surroundings.

The risk is simply to great for the visitor! About Us. S5 Box Login. Publish a login form or anything you want to this position. S5 Box Register. Publish a registration form or anything you want to this position.

Room Booking. Thanks for staying with us! Please fill out the form below and our staff will be in contact with your shortly. Desktop Version. RM 10 6 18 years 5 and below no charge. RM 7 60 years and above. RM 5 6 18 years 5 and below no charge.

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