How to fill indian passport application form sample

how to fill indian passport application form sample

Annexure D for Passport Filled Sample for Minor

Do NOT fold or smudge the application form. Do NOT write NA or N/A or NOT APPLICABLE in any boxes in the form to convey that the column is not relevant for your case. Leave that column blank. Particulars given in the application form will be printed in the passport booklet. Therefore, you must be careful in filling up theFile Size: KB. The data filed in the online form is used while printing the passport. Therefore, please check the application form for accuracy before submitting your application. Use CAPITAL LETTERS to fill the form. The fields that are not applicable can be left blank. Write the actual city/town/village and state in place of birth. Do not simply write India.

After you choose the right visathe first thing you must do is complete the online Indian Visa Application how to get low cost health insurance in california. If this is your first interaction with the government of India, you should refresh yourself on How to Please the Babu. This will get you in the right frame of mind.

The form seems easy enough, but a simple mistake can lead to your how to get rid of scabies in house being rejected, which means you lose your what is reading level 12 fee, and you have to start the process over again!

The purpose of the online form is to make sure you have filled in all the correct information in the right format for easier processing. If you make a mistake, you can start over and it will not affect your application.

No one is looking through all this data and cross-checking it. The only form that matters is the one you print out when you finish.

This includes handwriting answers. Once you print it out, if you want to make any change at all, you must start the application form over again. If you are applying for any visa other than the e-Tourist Visa, click the Online Visa Application in the upper left corner.

Country you are applying from This means where you physically are now. It is usually the same as your permanent residence, but certain visas can be applied for outside of your residence.

If your residence is in Birmingham, but you are in Bangkok and need a transit visa, choose the Bangkok Mission. Write down your temporary application ID. Every time I fill out this form I have to do it a few times and wish I had saved the number. Name When inserting your name, put it exactly as it appears in your passport with no mistakes. Sex There are officially three genders in India.

Do not put any other additional information. Citizenship Number If your country has a national ID system, put the number here. US citizens should not put their Social Security Number. Religion Why do they want to know your religion?

Read this post for a more detailed answer, but basically this is about identifying what community you come from.

This is not about your personal theological beliefs. Most North Americans and Europeans should put Christian, even if your personal beliefs are more complicated. Keep it simple. Visible Identification Marks In a country with thousands of Suresh Babus and Parminder Singhs, a mole or scar can be helpful in identification. Present Address This must match exactly with whatever proof of address you submit.

It will also be cross-checked electronically to match it with the Indian mission you chose. This is a background check of sorts. They mainly want to know if you have any ties to Pakistan. If you have any connection, it will delay your processing time.

Present Occupation This may seem like a harmless question, but how you answer it could cause a lot of frustration later on.

Each category matches to a certain type of visa. If you are applying for a visa other than what your profession matches, you may need to supply additional documentation or else you might not get the visa you want.

Un-employed is usually not a good category to pick. Similarly, Labour and Worker might find some difficulty, but not too likely. Any Military profession might also require some additional documentation. These rules hold true when you list your employer. If you work for a religious organization, they may want more details about you.

Similarly, if you are applying for a Business Visaremember that it is illegal for you to earn money from a company as salary. The Business Visa is for setting up contacts, attending meetings, overseeing work, etc. Choose whichever of these three options you are most comfortable with, although none are guaranteed. Sometimes these things go through without a problem. If you work in a media-related field, having a Journalist visa is not a bad thing, so you may even want to apply for it the first time.

For all other questions, the embassy will get in contact with you if they want more information. If you work for a media company but want a Tourist Visahave your manager write a letter that says your trip is purely personal and you will not be doing any official business.

If you work for a religious organization, you may need a letter that says you will not engage in any proselytizing. If you are a professor wanting a tourist visa, you may want to have a letter from the university saying what is pink poem by christina rossetti this trip is purely personal and you will not be doing any official research.

This will cause the agent reading the application to consider it on a case-by-case basis and will increase your chances of being approved for the visa of your choice. Duration of Visa Different countries have different lengths of visa. You should check the embassy in your country to see what options you have. Remember that your validity starts when it is issued, not when you land in India. Purpose of Visa It is very important that this matches exactly with the type of visa.

Countries Visited in Last 10 years List everything completely here. Not mentioning a country you have a valid visa to can be grounds for refusal. Photo Upload It is not necessary to upload a photo, unless you are filling out the how to obtain a marriage license in washington state Visa.

Otherwise, you will be including hard copies in the packet you send to the Consulate. After Page 4, you will be able to review all the information. Look over it once from your own perspective to make sure there are no errors.

If you gave your email, it will also be sent to you. Look over the PDF since it is in a different format and something new might catch your eye. If you notice any errors at this point, you will need to start the application over again. There are two places to sign. On the first page, make sure your signature is completely inside the box underneath your photograph. Do not staple your photograph to the application; use glue or paste. On the second page, sign at the bottom right. Children between should sign their name on the first page.

Children younger than 12 can put a thumbprint on the first page. For all minors, the second page must be signed by both parents. If you mail in your application, it should also be notarized. If you apply in person, it does not need to be notarized. You are welcome to put your questions in the comments below; I will do my best to respond as I am able.

However, I am only giving my opinion in most cases and anything I say should not be taken as legal or professional advice.

Please help me out. I have verified all the information regarding the visa but still no downloadable pdf is being provided to me. Not sure. Can a minor apply for a year visa from USA?

Talked to someone at CKGS who insists that minors can get only 5-year visa. Since minors in the US typically only get passports valid for 5 years, I would guess that they only give 5 year visas as well. If you have a canadian passport, It says issuing country in one place and it says issuing authority city written in another, what would i fill in for the issuing place?

The duration depends on what kind of visa you are applying for. I think in Canada the minimum amount for a tourist visa is 6 months anyway. In particular there are things on the final. The other problem is that there is not enough space for me to fill in the entire address of my reference person in India whom I will also be staying with. Do you have any advice? Once you finish and save it as a pdf, you cannot make any edits. If you want to change anything at that point, you have to restart the form all over again.

Just make sure the city name and pin code like a 6 digit zip code are in there. What an nice post. What do you put for employment if you are retired? I seem to remember reading NOT to put retired but instead to put your former occupation, but maybe that was not for India. It would depend on which visa you want to get. If you want a tourist visa, then choosing the retired option is no problem. If you are looking for a business or employment, then it would be strange.

You can leave blanks for the other areas. I am a British citizen living in Ukraine at the moment. Can I apply for an e-visa from here? Will there be any problem with that?

Gallery of Indian Passport Renewal Form Word Format

All Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs) and Post Office Passport Seva Kendras (POPSKs) are operational now. Applicants may reschedule their appointments to the nearest PSK/POPSK to avail the alldatingloveen.comants are advised to wear a mask, carry sanitizer, download and install Aarogya Setu App and follow social distancing norms at PSKs/POPSKs during the visit.** Indian Mission/Post are . Jun 03, How to Fill Passport Application form online step by stepPassport Seva Website Link: to Fill Pass. Mar 11, hii friends today i will give you all a brief details of how to fill passport application form online its very easy i have made my passport from bhopal last.

Applications can only be submitted with prior appointments, please click here. For a step by step guide to the process of applying for an Indian Passport, please click here. Indian Passports are issued with a validity of 10 years except in the case of children up to the age of 15 years where it is initially issued for a validity of 5 years. Wherever any change is to be effected in personal particulars in the laminated pages of the Passport, a new Passport needs to be obtained as the practice of hand written endorsements in the existing Passport has been done away with.

Similarly, a new passport needs to be obtained where the existing Passports have run out of available pages. Please click here to find the offices, where you can apply. Applicants residing in the consular jurisdictions of the High Commission of India, London are advised to submit their applications at any of the 2 offices in London Goswell Road and Hounslow , Cardiff and Belfast. Applicants residing in the consular jurisdiction of Consulate General of India, Birmingham are advised to submit their applications at offices in Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool and Bradford.

Applicants residing in the consular jurisdiction of Consulate General of India, Edinburgh are advised to submit their applications in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Applicants are required to provide one self-addressed return envelope Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery, Silver, tamper proof envelope only or seek information from the advisor at the application centre for courier services. Penalty levied as per case on Passport applications under the instructions received from the competent authorities.

The additional fee is inclusive of the above fees and duly reflected in the receipts issued to the applicant. Please Note: Applicant need to carry all the Original Documents for verification to be returned at the counter expect original Indian passport , Copies of all the documents need to be self-attested. Please complete the online application form using the link provided. Applicants also need to make a prior appointment and carry the printed application form to the centre for submission.

Note:- For all children under the age of 5, Thumb impression should be given in the signature box, however children over 5 years and above should write the name in the signature box. Please Note: Applicant between the age of 15 to 18 the documents required for a minor are listed above, although the passport issued will be of an adult and the fees charged will be an adult passport fee.

Applicant need to carry all the original documents for verification to be returned at the counter expect original Indian passport , Copies of all the documents need to be self-attested by Parents. Please Note: Applicant need to carry all the original documents for verification to be returned at the counter expect original Indian passport , copies of all the documents need to be self-attested.

Please Note: Applicant need to carry all the Original Documents for verification to be returned at the counter expect original Indian passport , copies of all the documents need to be self-attested. In case of change of name following death of spouse, photocopy of death certificate of spouse original to be shown at the time of submission the application ,.

In case of applicant wishing to change back to their maiden name on account of divorce, they need to provide copy of their birth certificate. No change of name is permissible if the passport is lost. In case applicant wishes to change the address in the passport, they will have to provide proof of the new address in the form of most recent utility bill,monthly bank statements, etc.

In addition to the mandatory requirements under the category which the passport in being renewed. If there is a change in appearance of the applicant from the previous passport , they will need to provide a Sworn Affidavit in the prescribed format. In addition to the mandatory documents required for reissue of passport.

Note: Applicants are requested to ensure that photographs submitted with the application are strictly as per the below guidelines, any variations may lead to application being not submitted. Photographs obtained from an automated photo kiosk or a Polaroid camera are not acceptable, only professionally shot photographs will be accepted. Important Note: Applicants are required to use the Online Registration Form, No hand written or downloaded application form will be accepted.

Applicants are required to click on Online Registration Form, on the website in order to complete the online application form and print it once complete. Full validity passports have a life of ten years five years in the case of minors.

The expiry date is always mentioned in all passports. Fill up the online application form carefully without leaving any column or item blank. Paste one photograph on the application form and hand over the others in an envelope with the application at the centre.

The Indian passport, requiring re-issue, needs to be submitted with the application. The prescribed fee is also payable by the applicants. Also please see the relevant page s for availing passport services. Can one apply for Machine Readable Passport of normal years validity as a replacement of years validity passport or as a replacement of a hand written passport as this is causing difficulty in obtaining visa for many countries whose authorities are objecting to a years validity passport or a hand written passport?

It is in the interest of the applicant to get a new years Passport as the Government of India has dispensed with the issuance of years Passport and hand written Passport in accordance with extant rules.

Please follow the same procedure as is meant for re-issue of a passport on expiry of its validity. From 25th November onwards, foreign Governments may deny visa or entry to any person travelling with a non-Machine Readable Passport. All handwritten passports with pasted photos earlier issued by Government of India are considered non-Machine Readable Passports. All years validity passports will also fall in this category. Indian citizens residing in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and holding handwritten passports as well as years passports with validity beyond the 24th November , should, therefore, apply for re-issue of passports and obtain Machine Readable Passports well before the deadline in order to avoid any inconvenience in obtaining foreign visa or immigration problem.

A SVP is often issued directly by the High Commission of India or its respective Consulates directly, to meet exigencies especially when certain requirements for the issue of full validity passports have not been met by an applicant at the first instance. Usually, a SVP is issued for a period ranging from six months to two years.

The re-issue of such short validity passports is dependent upon the applicant having used the period of validity of their passport in meeting the conditions that could not be met at the time of issue of SVP. For example, a SVP issued in anticipation of a positive police verification report from India is upgradable to FVP on receipt of such report.

Please see the passport document section for details. Usually, the applicant is interviewed by an officer at the Passport Section of the High Commission and its respective Consulates before accepting the application. Needless to say, a photocopy of the lost Indian passport is of great value. In the absence of a photocopy of the lost passport, important details of it such as number, date of issue, place of issue are of great help.

If neither photocopy nor the details of the lost passport are available, the applicant is advised to produce as much evidence as possible of being an Indian. The other documents required would be a certificate from local police indicating registration of the loss of the passport. Separately, the applicant has to furnish a self-certified statement detailing the circumstances in which he or she lost the passport.

Documents such as utility bills electricity, water, and telephone, and bank statement, NHS card to prove place of residence in UK also need to be enclosed. In case the ILR of the applicant is more than one year old, he or she would be required to additionally prove that he or she has not acquired British nationality.

This can be done by furnishing a certificate from the UK Home Office. In case, the applicant is an illegal immigrant he may have to additionally mention the circumstances in which he or she entered UK. The applicant may have to truthfully disclose if he or she had ever applied for asylum. All cases where an application was made to UK Government for asylum would need disclosure about the current status of such application. The status could be either of the following: a rejected, b under consideration before an appellate authority after rejection, c accepted, d under consideration.

The onus of proving the current status of such application with credible documents would be on the applicant. This affidavit can be made under oath before the competent officer of the High Commission or at its respective Consulates on payment of the prescribed fee. Alternatively, such an affidavit can be made before a notary public, which is also acceptable.

This is an essential requirement depending upon circumstances of each individual case. How much time would it take to get a replacement passport in lieu of a lost passport? Issuing replacement passports in lieu of lost passports would take different time periods as situations vary widely.

It is difficult to spell out a standard time norm for this service. Normally, cases in which the photocopy of the lost passport or relevant details of the lost passport are available and readily traceable in the database of the High Commission and its respective Consulates, the time taken to replace the passports could be weeks. Other cases in which such details are unavailable or are not readily authenticated against a check of records in our database, more time would be required.

In latter cases, often the personal particulars including the photograph of the applicant is sent to original passport issuing authority in India or abroad for authentication of the lost passport particulars. Such cases, needless to say, would take more time.

Usually authentication by passport issuing authorities take four to six weeks and verification by police takes as many as three to six months. Applicants should accordingly calculate their own time norm before enquiring about the status of their pending applications. A self-certified statement detailing the date and time and the name of Police Station visited which refused such registration may be furnished. What procedure is to be followed and documents enclosed with the application to obtain a fresh passport in lieu of a damaged passport?

The only difference being that in damaged passport cases, the applicants are not required to lodge police report. What procedure is to be followed for issue of a first time passport for a new born child in UK? This Birth Registration Certificate needs to be enclosed along with other prescribed documents for passport application in respect of a new born child.

Is it necessary for the parents to also sign the application meant for issue of a new passport for a new born child? Both the parents need to sign to the effect that the particulars of the new born child mentioned in the application are correct and parents are responsible for its correctness.

What are the requirements regarding appending thumb impression of a new born child on the application form? It is necessary. There is an earmarked space for the purpose. Left thumb impression for a male child and right thumb impression for a female child needs to be appended at this earmarked space. The application form is the same form meant for passport services. Please see relevant question-answer above. It is relevant to mention that normally no amendments are permissible unless trustworthy documentary evidence is provided in support of the claimed change in status.

Additionally, the High Commission and its respective Consulates may, in certain cases such as a change in name also like to know the purpose for seeking a change. For certain personal particulars, special documents are needed to show that the mandatory procedure has been followed. For details, please visit the relevant links. Usually an UK address is not permitted on the Indian passport.

For others who would like to reflect their UK address in addition to their permanent address in India, the service is available by way of an endorsement on the Indian passport as an observation. In this case, a fresh passport has to be issued to provide this service.

The application form is the same for general passport application form. Tatkal Service is rendered in emergent situations family bereavement, medical emergency etc. Discretion rests with the High Commission and its respective Consulates.

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