How to draw floor plans in photoshop

how to draw floor plans in photoshop

How to Create a Basic Floor Plan in Photoshop

Mar 18,  · Design a 3D Floor Plan with Photoshop Step 1. Start by downloading this file then opening the PDF in Photoshop. We’ll use the texture of the parquet wood Step 2. Now, you right click on the layer of the 2D Plan and duplicate its layer as shown . Oct 16,  · Let me show you how simply you could add different colors to your floor plan. Go to your layer palette and double click on the hatch layers of the rooms or .

We are currently in Beta version and updating this search on a regular basis. Rendering what does a sales account executive do in Photoshop is an essential part of presenting your work to your client or to convince a competition jury to pick your design as a winner. Whenever you publish your work for books, websites or presentations the design quality of your plans will be your business card to future clients and the audience you build around your practice.

In this article, we will cover the principle steps of how to export a floor plan drawing from AutoCAD and render it with Adobe Photoshop. The art is to create aesthetic looking plans that are not too overloaded with colors and textures. In order to speed up your workflow, you should already structure your CAD drawing in a way that helps you to be faster in Photoshop later. The graphic above shows the principle drawing style of a simple office floor plan in AutoCAD right before exporting.

This is of course not a magical advice but it really critical to do so and to be able to export different parts of you drawing to single PDF files later.

As you see in the AutoCAD screenshot graphic above how to stop groupon sending email following parts of the floor plan drawings are filled with solid hatches on unique layers:. Concrete walls Light walls Staircases Rooms Corridors Background hatch Anything else you want to have as a unique selection in Photoshop later.

You should create a layout window with the same fixed size and scale for each part of the drawing you want to export. In the layout frame you show only the layer you want to export. Freeze all others. The outcome size of your layout windows will be the size of your Photoshop document later. Have you finished your CAD work and structured your drawing the way explained above? Great, now you are ready for the next step:. Why multiple? Because this is necessary to structure your Photoshop PSD file into the elements you need for rendering your plan.

In order to do so, you should export single layers of your DWG by freezing all others layers and using the layout window you created for the object. I exported 10 different PDF files for this office floor plan case study. Sounds a lot, but you will save the time later when it comes to photoshopping. If you open your exported PDF Files with Photoshop you will see a pop-up screen that will ask you with how many pixels you want to open the file. I always use dpi because it is enough for high-quality printing and keeps the files size manageable.

But there is no need to go how to draw floor plans in photoshop because your file size will explode and your computer will slow down. You have 10 different PDF files opened in Photoshop now. Next step is to layer those files in one file. Since all of the documents have the exact same image size you can simply duplicate layers into one master file by right-clicking on the layer and choosing the file you want to collect all of the elements.

I always use the Lines. Once finished you should save that file to a PSD file and close all the others. The following graphic shows how my raw layered PSD file looks and how I sort the layers in order to get ready for coloring and texturing. Now we are coming to the fun part.

This is the point where you are ready to add colors and textures so your plan will look great for publishing. There are of course many ways to add colors and textures with Photoshop.

But you are prepared to be really fast now. Because you have already all the selections for the separate plan elements like walls, floor or furniture. Let me show you how simply you could add different colors to your floor plan. Go to your layer palette and double click on the hatch layers of the rooms or corridors.

The following window will pop up:. In order to create a subtle and abstract looking surface you can use a concrete pattern and overlay it on your layer. If you want to choose from a wide range of textures just browse cgtextures. The layers will look like this then:. Here is a list of the layers of the floor plan PSD with the layer settings I use to create the style below:.

The order of the layers is like you can sort them in your PSD. See the outcome of those easy steps below. This is the final rendered floor plan. The only thing you still have to do is to add shadows! We still have to create the shadows, so the floor plan will look more plastic. Shadows are great for understanding the different spaces, heights, and depths of the design.

You can then easily import them on a layer above all other layers. And you are ready. The other way is to create them how to draw floor plans in photoshop Photoshop on a new layer with the rectangular marquee tool M and the paint bucket for filling them with black. I like the AutoCAD way more because it is more accurate and faster for me but this would depend on your skills of course.

Once you are done with the steps described above you have created a PSD file with which you could easily play around to change the output styles of your floor plan graphic.

By just changing the layer effects I created the following design styles shown in the graphic below. You might want to do the same in case you don't like the red style. You'll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users. About Contact Submit Advertise. Change country.

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Jul 06,  · Tutorial on converting a sketch into a floor plan graphic for use as an interactive floor plan on Sep 27,  · From our PhotoShop expert, here you go: 1. Since you’d like the final image size to be 5cm tall, enter 5cm for the height. 2. The image size width and height should be linked to constrain proportions 3. The best effect depends on the position and angle you’re viewing the print. Aug 02,  · To draw a floor plan, start by measuring the length of the longest wall in the room. Then, scale down the measurement so you can draw the wall on a piece of graph paper. To scale down the measurement, decide how many feet each square on the graph paper will equal. For example, if each square is equal to 1 foot, and the wall is 10 feet long, you 72%().

So, we worked together to figure out the size and placement of each room. Then, I took to Photoshop to create a basic floor plan. First, he sketched a rough draft of the design on a piece of paper, then I used Photoshop to make a graphic rendition of the design for our building permit. So, to start, I made a canvas that was slightly larger than the total square feet of the addition.

In my case, our addition will be 28 feet by 28 feet, so I made my canvas 32 inches by 37 inches. Now we have a 28 inch by 14 inch box, but that box still needs an outline. I chose 10 px, black, and center. I completed the same steps for each additional room in the floor plan. To edit the size or placement of each room, simply click on its layer and use your mouse or arrow keys to move and adjust.

I started with the bedroom, closet and bathroom area. To ensure everything was straight and centered, I switched to grid view, with each square on the grid equaling one inch. Using the selection tool, I made a six inch by four inch box to create an opening in the bedroom, closet, and bathroom walls. After selecting the area, I clicked the layer corresponding to each room and hit delete. This removed the part of the wall within the selected area for each layer.

To add doors from the bedroom to family room and exterior to family room, I used the selection tool again to delete the walls, then used the line tool to create doors. I also used the line tool to draw walls for the mud room area, which will be 8 feet by 6 feet. Each door in the floor plan is a standard 3-foot opening. Finally, we get to add our labels and measurements. Just use your text tool, select a font I used Simple Print , and label each room.

Then, add exterior measurements to each exterior wall. To save your floor plan as a PDF, flatten your image and save! Emily is a midwestern mom of two boys. She loves all things DIY — from home renovations to kids birthday party planning.

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