How to cook taco meat

how to cook taco meat

Perfectly Seasoned Taco Meat

Jul 17,  · Directions Step 1 Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Cook and stir beef in the hot skillet until browned and crumbly, 5 to Step 2 Season beef with onion powder, garlic salt, celery salt, and cumin. Pour tomato sauce over the beef, stir to. Jan 20,  · How to make Ground Beef Taco Meat: Heat the oil to medium or medium-high heat in a large skillet. Add the onion and saute, stirring occasionally until onion begins to brown, about 5 to 8 minutes. Add the garlic and saute another 2 minutes.

When I'm in the mood for making meagI tend to always reach for ground beef. Because cooking ground beef is easy and predictable unlike steak, which can easily be overdone if you cook it just a tad too long. It's less predictable. And yet, making this steak taco recipe has changed my opinion on making steak tacos—forever. Every time I've set to cook steak, I have found a particular trick that has helped me to cook the perfect steak: Take it off right before you think it's "done.

When a steak is "resting," or no longer cooking, it will still ckok slightly. We overlook that resting period, and don't realize our mistake until tafo into a more-than-done cut of steak.

In terms of making steak tacos, cooking the meat shouldn't take you long to do. I find chopping up the steak into smaller bite-sized pieces before cooking helps to evenly distribute the taco seasoning among the coo.

However, if you would rather grill or sear your steak for tacos giving you that nice, juicy red centeryou can always do that as well. The choice is yours! If you do plan on grilling or searing your steak, make sure to rub on the taco seasoning first. You don't want to lose all that flavor! Bored of always making tacos with ground beef?

Switch it haco with this steak taco recipe instead! By Kiersten Hickman. Read more. Read This Next. Which brand will bring fire what can cause a battery to drain your fiesta? More in Recipes.


When we think about how to make taco meat, our minds go to those Tex-Mex ground-beef tacos our moms made on Tuesday nights growing up. Sure, they bare no resemblance to any sort of authentic Mexican cuisine, but that's not the point. You should totally learn to make real Mexican-style tacos, like carne asada , and tacos al pastor , and tinga de pollo , too!

But, as a guilty-pleasure or a trip down memory lane, nothing will do quite like spicy ground beef in a hard shell. Maybe your mom made her taco meat with a taco seasoning mix. No offense to her, but you can do a little better. Adding your own seasoning will satisfy that nostalgic craving for Tex-Mex, but taste way more delicious.

Making taco meat simply involves combining ground beef with Tex-Mex seasonings. You can adjust it by skipping or cutting back on the serrano peppers. Cook chopped onion with a bit of oil in a skillet for a couple of minutes, just until wilted.

At this point, add ground beef to the pan and cook, using your spatula to break the meat apart into small pieces and move it around. Keep breaking up the meat and stirring it this will get easier as it cooks until all of the pink color is gone. Next, add minced garlic and a bit of fresh chile to add even more depth and a hint of spice.

Cook just until the garlic is soft, about another 2 minutes. Now it's time to make your own blend of spices. This will make your taco meat fresher, more flavorful, and more customizable than anything those sort of lame taco packets offer. Walsh's basic formula includes chili powder, ground black pepper, and ground cumin. Like more flavor? Up the chili powder. You could also up the amount of cumin if you love that taste, or boost the heat with red-pepper flakes or cayenne.

You can also add paprika, garlic, and onion powder. Add the spice blend to the skillet with salt to season and a bit of water to help disperse the seasonings.

Stir all of this together and let it cook until well blended, about 2 or 3 more minutes. And that's it! In the blink of an eye, your taco meat is ready to eat. Now that you know how to make taco meat, make tacos! For a classic Tex-Mex taco, put this ground beef filling in a hard taco shell. Top it with whatever ingredients you like—shredded "Mexican" cheese blends, iceberg lettuce, sour cream, and tomatoes are the not-at-all authentic, but somehow-still-classic toppings.

Want to have the very best taco experience you can possibly have? When it comes to taco meat, there is no wrong.

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