How much do granite worktops cost

how much do granite worktops cost

Worktops Price Guide

6 rows · Worktop Pricing Example: In the example, the joins allow three lengths of granite worktop at less. A solid granite worktop is extremely hard-wearing, and can cope with everything that you might throw at it. Each piece is cut from solid stone so is a unique and attractive product, but the prices will reflect that - granite worktops can cost between ? and ? per square metre for most types of granite.

Granite worktop prices are also dependent on the length of the slab and its colour. This is applicable for the commonly available colour variants. Prices are always directly proportional to these two factors. Contact Us. Granite worktops cost could vary depending on some of the key factors like the colour, thickness of slab, length, quality etc. Installation and template charges could also influence granite worktops cost.

Since granite is a delicate material, it needs to be handled with care and the woorktops way is to hire professional and experienced help what are aspects of culture installation.

It is likely that the installation charges come at a discount, which can reduce the overall granite cost. The best option is to bargain on the installation charges while purchasing granite from the supplier. For the cost calculation, you can use granite worktop price calculator, which is an easy way to estimate ro entire cost of a new kitchen.

If you are looking for a spontaneous quotation, select the product and submit your details. We offer an offline calculator, which can estimate the granite kitchen worktops cost and provide complete information in no time. Granite installation cost is generally considered in the overall granite cost if you get the installation done from the supplier. The price of any tear-out, edging, sealing, modifications, cut-outs, sinks and plumbing are also included in the real granite installation cost.

It is important to ensure worktop the installation and template are done by the same team of professionals to achieve a good level of finishing. When the same team does end to end installation and finishing of granite, you can end up having a good quality kitchen. You can find cheap kitchen ggranite at KML Worktops where you can discover several choices in a vast range of granite worktop prices. You can select the granite type, which best suits your requirements.

While exploring the various available options, you can learn about the installation hiw and other charges in order to arrive at a final estimate of your kitchen expenses. Depending on your preferences, you can select a high-end granite worktop, how much do granite worktops cost comes at a premium or you can select a more economical version. With the help of a price calculator, you will be able to measure your budget against the actual cost. Additional installation cost could add up to the granite cost.

Depending on the granite colour and pattern options available, the price could vary further. Some of the granite slabs even come with heat and scratch resistance and hence could cost extra. While considering granote various cost options, it is important to check for the durability of a granite slab.

Granite slabs come in levels that range from The levels are classified depending on the patterns, intricate details and also unique colour options. Lower-grade options come cheaper as compared to the higher ones. The price difference between quartz and granite is higher considering that quartz can cost almost twice as much as granite. Granite prices can have a what is the msrp of a car range and a lot depends on its origin and rarity.

Since quartz and granite compete directly, the prices of granite have fallen over recent years. Quartz continues to be expensive considering its increasing preference over granite.

By KML Worktops. In Granite Worktops. Contact Us These prices generally include installation charges depending on the thickness of the slab. Granite Worktop Price Calculator: Cost Calculation For the cost calculation, you can use granite worktop price calculator, which is an easy way to estimate the entire cost of a new kitchen.

Granite Installation Cost: Estimation of Cost Granite installation cost is generally what is a disability trust in the overall granite what is the best amp for 2 12 subs if you get the installation done from the supplier. Conclusion You can find cheap kitchen worktops at KML Worktops where you can discover several choices in a vast range of granite worktop prices.

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Granite Worktops Gallery

Granite worktops costs often vary, depending on the colour, thickness, length and quality. Regular granite worktops average at around ? per square metre. Some high-end granite worktops can cost around ? for every square metre. Templating and installation fees . Aug 03,  · Most granite and quartz is sold in price per m2, so a worktop to cover our example in a granite or quartz priced at ? per m2 would cost: ? x = ? This price is just for supply only and usually does not include fabrication work, template and fitting (see below). You can pay from ? /m2 for granite and ? /m2 for quartz, right up to ?1, /m2 and beyond. The stone fabricator buys in the granite or quartz in large slabs. These are huge slabs! And with all bespoke manufactured products, there will be an element of wastage.

Which stone should I go for? Is one stone better than the other? How much is this going to cost? Where should I go to purchase the worktops? What company is best? What company is cheapest? Should I go to the cheapest? Should I use someone on line? This will be for both granite worktops and quartz worktops. Again, this is for both granite worktops and quartz worktops. The above costs will include the standard services from a stone fabricator that you would expect.

Supplying the stone, templating, manufacturing and installing your granite worktops or quartz worktops. Which is always frustrating, but it is necessary because kitchens are all different sizes and designs.

The stone fabricator buys in the granite or quartz in large slabs. These are huge slabs! And with all bespoke manufactured products, there will be an element of wastage. The stone fabricator must factor the cost of the wastage into the job, so the wastage is paid for by you. The stone that is left over is classed as a remnant piece and is often put in the remnant rack so the stone fabricator can sell it later for a small job.

A hearth, a vanity top, a window cill etc. But generally the stone fabricator will charge you at cost for the wastage because they make their profit on it later. So there are a few variable items of work that need to be taken into consideration when your looking to purchase granite worktops or quartz worktops. Where shall I go? So next we discuss that niggling little question that everyone will be thinking — What stone fabricator shall I go to?

I am always a great believer in staying local, which often rules out internet companies straight away. The thing that you get with a local company is their willingness to make sure that the job is done right. The last thing a local company wants is bad word of mouth as all local companies thrive off word of mouth. And you often end up with problems. These internet companies often sub-contract out the templating which can lead to all kinds of problems.

There are normally a few stone fabricators within a 40 mile radius, so why not go and visit them. You know what I mean.

You walk in and your greeted by friendly sales staff who educate you rather than give you the big sell. They are genuinely there to help. Nice things cost money and there is quite a process in making sure your worktops are installed to perfection. Good stone manufacturers will have CNC machinery which in this day and age is so important because with CNC machinery you get accuracy every time. And with CNC machinery you can achieve a better quality of fabrication.

To summarise — Use a local stone fabricator with nice helpful sales people, and CNC machinery. So now for the Stressful bit, choosing the colour! Before heading to your stone fabricator, think about what colour of worktop you want. And this will have a big impact on the cost of granite worktops versus cost of quartz worktops.

You can view stone samples in the kitchen showroom right next to the units that you intend to purchase. Which really takes the stress away and allows you to focus on other things.

But kitchen companies will often send their customer to their local stone fabricator to have a look at a larger range of stone samples. And look at larger slabs, which is always important if you want a more characterful stone. You may not be using a kitchen company and instead your using a friend or kitchen fitter.

Or you may be using a trade company like Howdens. Either way, you will be coming into to see the stone fabricator at some point, without much guidance. Which is absolutely fine and dandy, you will be very looked after when you come in and see us. But again, we come back to colour theme and the importance of thinking about it before heading out. Every stone has different different properties.

All of these stone types have different strengths, not so much impact strength but compressive strength too. Quartz is stronger than granite and Dekton is stronger than quartz. The respective properties determine where the stone should be used i. A kitchen countertop is a place for cooking, which means that it is exposed to various substances such as water, salt, oil, minerals, acids and other substances. Therefore, all natural stone must be sealed. Next, we take a closer look at various stone materials and compare their advantages and disadvantages.

But this will all impact on the cost of granite worktops versus cost of quartz worktops. Granite Worktops Advantages: Many colours available, decorative patterns, heat-resistant, pattern and shade vary, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: Porous — Light granite is more absorbent than dark granite. Suitable for use: kitchens, bathrooms, facades and floors. Granite is an igneous rock with grains large enough to be visible with the unaided eye.

Granite is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar with minor amounts of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals.

If you are looking for character in your worktops, then granite is probably for you. There is a huge choice of granite available in the market place today. Customers can go to a stone fabricator and pick the slab they want.

Due to its volcanic origin, granite is extremely resistant to high temperatures. And because it has good resistance to heat and cold, granite is a perfect material for kitchens.

You can place hot pans, saucepans and ovenware straight on the worktop, however, we do recommend the use of a trivet especially with the more characterful granite with large grains as these can sometimes pop out due to heat shock. You will probably have read in many articles that granite will stain easily, and the lighter the granite, the more easily it will stain.

You can view all the necessary information on Dry Treats website here www. You can go without re-sealing for many years. A granite countertop is easy to clean and using hot soapy water is sufficient most of the time.

Marble In Your Bathroom Advantages: super decorative with a unique pattern, easy to clean. Disadvantages: Porous, easily scratched. Suitable for use: perfect in bathrooms and on facades, less suitable for kitchens.

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallised carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. For those who love character in natural stone, then marble can really offer something special. And you will find that marble is more commonly used in bathrooms, often as a vanity top, bath surround or as a book match feature behind a bath or as shower wall cladding.

Using marble in your kitchen as a worktop requires great caution as marble is softer than granite. Marble is easily scratched and the polish is more easily damaged compared to granite. You will probably ready in many articles that marble will stain easily!

So we recommend using Dry Treat Stain Proof as discussed above. Much like granite, marble worktops are easy to clean and using hot soapy water is sufficient most of the time. With good care, marble can stay beautiful for years even in the kitchen. Acidic agents should be avoided in the daily cleaning of marble. Disadvantages: does not tolerate high heat and will lighten in colour if placed in direct sun light, it is not UV resistant.

Small amounts of glass or metallic flecks are added to create variety, resulting in beautiful worktops. The advantage with a quartz worktop is that it is a non-porous material, its texture does not allow bacteria to grow and resists against stains making kitchen clean-up easy. For this reason, quartz worktops never need to be sealed. Quartz does not tolerate high heat, so using trivets is highly recommended.

But in general, quartz worktops are easy to maintain. To clean quartz surfaces, use warm water and soap or a recommend quartz worktop cleaner. And remember to always consider the cost of granite worktops versus cost of quartz worktops. Disadvantages: the pattern does not go right through the slab. Suitable for use: in kitchens, bathrooms, facades and floors.

Dekton employs exclusive Sinterized Particle Technology, a high-tech process which represents an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years. Sinterized particle technology synthesises truly innovative procedures from the most advanced technology industries.

This evolution represents a technological and industrial leap capable of generating a new process, a revolutionary material and a leading product. This zero porosity and lack of the micro-defects that cause tension or weak spots mark the difference as far as DEKTON is concerned. While other surfaces are stain resistant, Dekton is completely Stain Proof.

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