Did billy joel sing oh what a night

did billy joel sing oh what a night

Did Billy Joel sing this song?

May 07, Oh, what a night. Late December back in ' What a very special time for me, 'Cause I remember what a night. Oh, what a night. You know, I didn't even know her name, But I . Clearly not. All I can think of is that his song Lonely Boy includes the lyrics "He was born on a summer day, ", and "Oh, what a lonely boy". These can obviously be easily confused with "late december back in '63" and "Oh, what a night". I have no idea if that was intentional.

Asked by Wiki User. This Night - Billy Joel song - was created in Joel Gretsch was born on December 20, December Hicksville High School US actor Joel Gretsch is 54 years old birthdate: December 20, Billy Joel. Billy Joel plays the piano. How much does Billy Joel make? Yes, singer Billy Ocean dis related how to position a website singer Billy Joel. Billy Joelby far. Billy Joel is still living and playing.

In March 24, billy Joel was on Oprah. No, Billy Joel is still alive as of september, Billy Joel was born on May 9, Billy Joel, by millions. Ask Question. See Answer.

Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. When was This Night - Billy Joel song - created? What is Joel Gretsch's birthday? When was Joel Gretsch born? When was Billy Joel last Australian tour?

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The Ballad Of Billy The Kid () The Downeaster Alexa () The Entertainer () The Great Wall of China () The Longest Time () The River Of Dreams () The Stranger () This Is The Time () This Night () Tomorrow Is Today () Until The Night () Uptown Girl () Vienna () We Didn't Start The Fire ( In the track This Night from his fifth album An Innocent Man, Joel uses a familiar classical tune as the backbone of the alldatingloveen.com basis of the songs chorus uses the melody and harmony of the second movement to Beethovens Sonata Pathetique.. Beethovens Pathetique, otherwise known as his Piano Sonata No. 8, was written in , and all three movements are well-known.

Billy Joel fans know that his catalog is extensive. More casual fans might not even realize that a hit they love is actually Billy Joel on the end of the speaker. Here are 20 of the best songs from Billy Joel's career. It is a fictional version of Billy Joel's experiences as a piano player and lounge singer for six months at the Executive Room in Los Angeles. The characters in the song are all based on real people.

The line, "the waitress is practicing politics," refers to his first wife Elizabeth Weber. After the success of Billy Joel's album The Stranger in , "Piano Man" experienced a resurgence in popularity and remains one of the most popular songs in Billy Joel's repertoire.

Watch Video. The lead single from his fifth studio album The Stranger , it became his first pop top 10 hit peaking at 3. The song was inspired by Billy Joel's first wife Elizabeth Weber. After the pair split up, he rarely performed the song live for over a decade.

The single version released was a minute shorter than the version on the album and leaves out a verse. It went all the way to 1 on the adult contemporary chart. Billy Joel says he was influenced by singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot in writing the song. He wrote it for his then-wife Elizabeth Weber.

They divorced in It was released as a single from Billy Joel's album The Stranger. According to Billy Joel, Anthony in his song "Movin' Out" is not based on a specific real person but instead, a pastiche of Irish, Polish, and Italian kids he knew growing up.

The song is a satire on the upwardly mobile aspirations of blue-collar New Yorkers. It ran for over performances on Broadway from through Listen to "Movin' Out". It is a song about personal independence and climbed to 3 on the pop singles chart. It also reached 2 on the adult contemporary chart. The album 52nd Street was Billy Joel's first to hit 1 on the album chart.

Rumors persisted for many years that the song was inspired by a date with Bianca Jagger, but Billy Joel denied that story. Instead, he said he did have dinner with the couple Mick and Bianca Jagger, and he wrote the song thinking about what Mick might sing to Bianca. Among the cultural references in the song are the bar and restaurant Elaine's on the upper east side of Manhattan and fashion designer Halston. It is one of the most rock-oriented of his hit singles.

The song makes the case for the narrator's insanity perhaps being just what is needed in a relationship. The rock edge prevented it from climbing any higher than 38 on the adult contemporary chart. The album Glass Houses was released three days after the single and reached 1 on the album chart. He states his refusal to change to please a younger crowd. It also topped the pop chart in Canada. It was included on his first five song demo tape.

Billy Joel originally thought the song was corny, but over time he grew more attached to it. He recorded a live version of "She's Got a Way" in in Boston, and it found its way on to his live album Songs From the Attic in The live version was released as a single and climbed to 23 on the pop chart. It did better at adult contemporary radio going all the way to 4. Listen to "She's Got a Way". Billy Joel has stated that the primary pressure he was speaking about in this song is the pressure to write new songs and produce new music.

Instead of Billy Joel's usual piano, the song is driven primarily by synthesizer. The accompanying music video uses imagery of water frequently to represent the pressure. It also includes references to movies such as A Clockwork Orange and Poltergeist. Billy Joel released "Allentown" in the midst of the s recession that hit particularly hard at industrial regions of the US.

It tells the story of blue collar steel workers in Pennsylvania. Allentown, Pennsylvania awarded Billy Joel the key to the city in recognition of his work. It also broke into the top 20 on the adult contemporary chart. However, in later interviews he complained that it sounded more like 70s act Tony Orlando and Dawn than Motown. He had also produced the previous 1 hit "Maniac" by Michael Sembello.

Billy Joel has said that "Uptown Girl" was originally written with supermodel Elle Macpherson in mind. However, it also was inspired by his growing relationship with his future wife supermodel Christie Brinkley.

She appears in the music video. It was a 1 pop smash in the UK. King and The Drifters. It became the third hit single from the album. It was also a top 10 hit in the UK. Listen to "An Innocent Man". Billy Joel once attempted suicide himself and wrote this song to attempt to help others who are struggling with the thoughts.

The accompanying music video pays homage to the classic film It's a Wonderful Life. It was released as the second single from the album The Bridge. The music video includes footage of Billy Joel's band performing in the basement of a building in New York City.

Eventually a crowd gathers around to watch them perform. Billy Joel's wife Christie Brinkley appears in the video holding their baby daughter Alexa. The song "Modern Woman" counts as the first single from Billy Joel's album The Bridge while it also appears on the soundtrack to the hit film Ruthless People.

It is his only major hit from a movie soundtrack. Billy Joel has stated that he does not like the song, and it has been left off major compilations of his music. Listen to "Modern Woman". The primary content of "We Didn't Start the Fire" is a rapid recitation of major news events between , the year Billy Joel was born, and , the year of the song's release.

According to Billy Joel, he is a huge "history nut" and that encouraged his writing of the song. He finds it difficult to perform live, because if a single mistake is made it throws the entire song off. It earned a Grammy Award nomination for Record of the Year. He was concerned about his erratic personality. It was the fourth single released from his album Storm Front. It peaked at 3 on the US pop chart, and it is his final top 10 hit before retiring from pop music recording. The single's cover art work is a portion of the larger painting by Billy Joel's Christie Brinkley used for the album cover.

The accompanying music video was filmed in Connecticut. Christie Brinkley can be seen painting the artwork in the video and Billy Joel's daughter Alexa appears briefly.

It was a 3 pop hit in the UK. Bill Lamb. Music Expert. Bill Lamb is a music and arts writer with two decades of experience covering the world of entertainment and culture.

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